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VT's 21-Day Lunch Challenge: Day 18

VT's 21-Day Lunch Challenge: Day 18

 Day 18

What’s for lunch? Chopped Black Bean-Avocado Salad

Smart Bite: Start a tea ritual. Incorporate a daily cup of tea into your lunch hour. Consider bringing a favorite teacup or mug from home and any desired ad-ins (your choice sweetener, creamer, etc.) to make the experience even more special. You could even ask co-workers to contribute to a communal tea table or tray where you can each add a different box of tea for others to try, or organize a "trick-or tea-ing" day where co-workers collect different tea bags from each other to build samplers.

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love this and sort of do it already-- every day! 3pm is my tea time and I relish this time, with a healthy delicious treat usually, & black tea w sweetener and creamer, bc that is comfort food to me! Curious to hear about others' experiences!

My tea ritual includes making loose tea with my Health Tea Wand. My loose tea is done in seconds and I can make it anywhere and never have to worry about staining my teeth. I got mine at www.wisdomwands.

My stepmother was Canadian and regularly celebrated her afternoons with a cup of tea. I alsodo this. There is something comforting on a cold November day about a cup of tea. I always recommend tea to my friends when they need a pick up.