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Farmers' Market Finds: Leeks

Farmers' Market Finds: Leeks

VTintern and vlogger Anthony Howard heads out to the farmers' market to get some tips from growers and market goers. For more on leeks, check out Peak Seaon: "Leeks" in the March 2011 issue of Vegetarian Times.


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I was looking through the last issue and saw this video. My friend recently mentioned she had never used leeks-she bought me a bunch at a local wholesale market at my request. I was disappointed with this video. It doesn't tell anyone anything of any substance.

Leeks are so great -- I love making carrot, leek, and fennel soup.

Okay why is a vegetarian online/magazine owned by a company that produces Backpacker magazine and is running an article about wolf killers and how they hunt..will never subscribe to anything from Active Interest or Cruz Bay publishing

The Chubby Vegetarian loves the magazine and also this leek idea.

Active Interest Media owns Vegetarian Times, not the other way around, and its various magazines are completely independent of each other. The Backpacker office is in Boulder, Colorado, and the Vegetarian Times office is in El Segundo, California. Vegetarian Times in no way supports hunting.

This is a super-cute video. Nice job, Anthony Howard!

I love leeks! I grow them in my garden every year soups, stews, braised leeks, and to blanch and freeze for potato leeks soup in the winter. They are easy to grow and do well for early spring planting when the weather in still chilly. I grow the variety "Broad London", hilling up dirt around their bases to increase the usable, tender white and light green parts. Yes, love them I do!