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Weekend Project: Clean-out-the-Fridge Veggie Stock

Weekend Project: Clean-out-the-Fridge Veggie Stock

Vegetarian Soup Stock

When I dug through my crisper drawers last Saturday to make room for some summer farmers’ market purchases, what I found was not pretty. A handful of limp celery stalks. A couple of cabbage leaves that had come off the head I’d used to make coleslaw. Some green onions and leek tops I knew I’d never use before they went bad. And one lone tomato that was too squishy to put in a salad.

Instead of throwing them away (none of them had green fuzzy stuff growing on them), I threw them in a Dutch oven with the peels from some carrots and onions I’d just used, a potato that was starting to sprout, a couple of bay leaves, a handful of parsley and a few sprigs of thyme. I covered the whole mess with water, simmered it for 30 minutes, strained out the liquid and…Presto! 2 1/2 quarts of homemade sodium-free, more-flavorful-than-store-bought vegetable stock to store in the freezer (and free up the crisper drawers) for fall soups and winter stews.


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After you simmer the veggies & H20, do you strain out the veggies prior to freezing the stock? Have you ever used the veggies for anything after you did this?

Yes, you strain out the veggies, then freeze the liquid stock. Since the vegetables have given up all their goodness to the stock, they don't have much flavor, plus, they weren't in the best eating shape before I started. It's best just to discard them.

Nice idea. I was thinking I wish I had enough spent veggies to make stock- then remembered my Farmers Market offer "less than perfect" items at discounted cost. I can pick up a sad little cabbage and maybe some limp carrots before the weekend.

Fabulous! I call my 'crisper' a 'rotter' since that is more accurate. I do have a ziploc bag in my freezer with ends for stock...but this is a good place to start!

Oh good - because I am a mess at keeping my vegetables in good shape, I must buy too much because I find wilted vegs and then feel really bad tossing them! I'll try this too! By the way, can you let the stock cool down on the counter - or do you have to refrigerate it promptly? Reason I ask, I cooled some squash-beet water and forgot it for several hours, so I tossed it too - sigh.