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Weekend Project: Slow-Roasted Tomatoes

Weekend Project: Slow-Roasted Tomatoes

No, tomatoes are not in season. And yes, I know it’s better to cook with seasonal produce. But with six pints of cherry tomatoes leftover from some recipe developing I was doing for the July/August issue, I needed to do something. And because these cherry tomatoes had a mushy, grown-in-a-greenhouse texture and only so-so flavor, I was never going to eat them all before they started to turn fuzzy with mold.

So, with a gray Saturday afternoon of kitchen chores ahead of me (cleaning the fridge…fun!), I decided to slow roast them using this Slow-Roasted Plum Tomatoes and Sauce recipe. Basically, I halved all the tomatoes, spread them cut side up on a baking sheet, drizzled them with oil and sprinkled them with minced garlic, salt and pepper, then put them in a 300-degree oven for 2 hours.

The tomatoes were transformed! Instead of pale, mealy things that tasted like they were picked off a fast-food salad, I had rich, red, meaty slices which I cooled and put in the fridge. I put them on salads, I slipped them in grilled-cheese sandwiches, I tossed them with pasta. I even threw the last few into a bowl of canned vegetable soup. I can’t recommend the technique highly enough if you have mediocre tomatoes lying around. I now want to make them again and again, try the recipe with bigger tomatoes, add herbs…only I should probably wait till summer when the tomatoes will be in season and the results will be even better.

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This sounds very useful to have in the frig for when needed

I would love to do this, but I have a question. Can I freeze these babies or do I put them in a bottle of Olive Oil and put them on the shelf? I love dried tomatoes as they add such flavour but am not good with canning or putting thing in glass jars to preserve. Please help! Best regards Stellenbosch South Africa

How do you store them? Can they be frozen?

Would you adjust the temp/cooking time for larger tomatoes? Would you slice the larger ones smaller than halves? Thanks.