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What We’re Eating Too Much Of: Larabar’s Uber

What We’re Eating Too Much Of: Larabar’s Uber


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On days we test recipes for the magazine, I eat a Lärabar when I reach my desk in the morning. It appeases without spoiling my appetite. Plus, its ingredients are whole foods, and I can count the entire ingredient list for my ex-fave bar—Peanut Butter & Jelly—on the fingers of one hand. But, I admit, the raw cookie dough texture isn’t easy to love.

Now on store shelves: Über, a Lärabar with, well, über chunks of dried fruits and nuts. There are whole (intact!) almonds in the Cherry Cobbler bar, the closest to PB&J. There's also a pleasing mix of salty and sweet, and a satisfying nutty crunch. The bars hit stores nationwide this week!

Your turn: What have you been eating too much of lately?

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Larabar cappuccino flavor

Agreed! I've always been a fan of Larabars, but tasted the Cherry Cobbler for the first time just this morning (they were handing out samplers at a recent Michael Franti concert)...soooo good.