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Why You Should Visit a Farm Animal Sanctuary

Why You Should Visit a Farm Animal Sanctuary

PHOTO Two calves at New York's Catskill Animal Sanctuary who were destined to become veal before being rescued.

Photo courtesy Catskill Animal Sanctuary.

A farm animal sanctuary is where the lucky farm animals end up when they’ve been rescued from not-so-lucky circumstances. Run by kind-hearted animal lovers, these sanctuaries provide peace, love, shelter, and nourishment to animals who otherwise might have been slaughtered. They are truly amazing places to visit, and with summer just around the corner, it’s a perfect time to drop by. (To find a farm animal sanctuary near you, check out sanctuaries.org.) Read on for more on what to expect from your visit.

You'll have an experience like no other. Visiting a farm animal sanctuary is a terrific experience for you or for the whole family. You can take a tour, or even volunteer. You will see how farm animals live with each other, and relate to humans. Personalities emerge, and bonds start to form. You will be touched by the animals' stories, and have your own unforgettable stories to tell of your experience. You might even be inspired to sponsor an animal.

You might take a vegan cooking class. Many farm animal sanctuaries around the country offer cooking classes to help you maintain a healthful, plant-based diet. Check the website of the farm sanctuary you plan to visit to see if they offer cooking classes, and be sure to sign up in advance.

You'll get inspired to get involved. Being surrounded by so many incredible farm animals—cows, horses, goats, chickens—might just inspire you to take action. Volunteering at a farm sanctuary might become your regular hobby, or you might decide to reach out to your local and federal representatives on behalf of the millions of farm animals who aren’t as lucky as the ones you’ve met at a sanctuary. There's no better place to learn about all the ways that you can help.

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I visited Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary in March which was the first farm animal sanctuary to open in Ontario, Canada. It's run by the Poole family and is just an amazing, inspiring place. They host 'working visits' which entails about 3 hours of good, hard work mucking out barns, (with encouraged breaks to chill with the turkey's, pigs and cows), followed by a vegan potluck - a great way to end the day!

As the founder of Catskill Animal Sanctuary, I echo Jenne's comments about the importance of sanctuaries, not only for the animals we rescue and rehabilitate, but also for humans who are educated about compassionate lifestyle choices through the programs sanctuaries offer. For example, in our vegan culinary program, we teach people how to cook and transition to meals free of animal products. In fact, we are proud to be hosting Vegetarian Times blogger Jenne Claiborne at CAS this week, where she will be teaching Five Ingredient Vegan!. Linda Soper-Kolton, our own vegan chef instructor, has created a full season of cooking classes to help people learn about how delicious and easy cruelty-free cooking can be, and we are hosting many guest chefs this season to bring interesting topics to our visitors. This program, along with our tours, on-site guest house, summer day camp, volunteer opportunities help people connect with farm animals in a meaningful, indeed, sometimes life-altering, way. Come share the love!

Keep up the good work. I commend you. <3

Where is there a sanctuary close to Toronto (east)?