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Silk-Free Wedding Dresses for Compassionate Brides-to-Be

It’s my favorite time of year: The first warm days of spring, when it finally feels safe to put away those bulky winter coats and unleash my summer dresses from their cold-weather hibernation. During this year’s sartorial swap-out ritual, I was surprised to find my wedding dress folded in amid the summery casual wear. It’s not your average bridal gown; mine is short, and a non-traditional gold. It does double duty as a party dress from time to time, and has held up well over the years. But if I had it to do all over again, I might choose something different. Likely something vintage and maybe even something white (though probably not). It would definitely have to be silk-free, just like the original—my ethics haven’t wavered over time. These three gowns are just a few of the possibilities out there for compassionate brides-to-be.

Wallets that Fit the (Vegan) Bill

Generally speaking, wallets aren’t known for their sex appeal, and maybe that’s smart design; make something less flashy and eye-catching, and the less probable it is that a thief will yank it out of your hand at the ATM. Pushing paranoia aside, I embarked on a quest for something to secure my cash that’s stylish, functional, leather-free, and well-made. Happily, I found a handful of money-holders that fit the bill(s). These designs are cruelty-free, gender non-specific, and don’t require you to empty the wallet you currently carry to pay for your new one.

Silk-Free Valentine's Day Lingerie

Of all the romantic symbols associated with Valentine’s day, the most indulgent might be lingerie. The word alone conjures images of lace, frills, and bows, but the ancient Greeks and Romans wore fashioning simple, utilitarian garters and corsets millennia before Victoria’s Secret entered the scene. Though the French word “lingerie” originally meant “things made of linen,” today, much of it is made from silk, which requires the killing of silkworms to harvest the thread from their cocoons. This Valentine's day, why not slip into something a little bit kinder.

Wet-Weather Style with Eco Appeal

The rain really isn’t so bad—for a day. Especially if that day falls on a weekend, when it gives me an excuse to bake chocolate-chip cookies, sip endless mugs of steaming tea, and cuddle up with my dog and a good book. After 24 hours of the stuff, I begin checking the online weather channel compulsively and dreaming of a dry bicycle commute. When venturing outdoors becomes an inevitable necessity, I reach for my trusty trench coat, wind-proof umbrella, and Wellies--the ultimate wet-weather trifecta. When you’re ready for a stylish upgrade that’s rain-ready and eco-friendly, too, look to these pretty pieces to keep you dry and looking divine. 

4 Cozy Cruelty-Free Coats

At the first nippy stirrings of autumn, my body seems to sense that even colder winter days loom ahead, so I take that as my cue to unpack last season’s toasty garments from their warm-weather hibernation. The tags on most of my frost-ready outerwear read Polyester, Viscose, or Polyurethane, which are warm-and-snuggly synthetic alternatives to down (bad for birds), wool (ba-aa-aa-d for sheep!), and leather (bad for cows). This doesn’t mean hitting the streets looking like an Arctic explorer; today’s high-tech fibers are stitched into fashion-forward designs that look as good in the forest at they do on Fifth Avenue.