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Food for Thought

We're pretty proud over here at VT headquarters: our September 2014 article "The Gleaners" was just nominated for a Nook Readers' Choice Newsstand Award. Not sure what gleaning is? Read the story here to learn more about this food-waste-fighting movement—then vote for us!

Highway signs throughout California plead, “Serious drought. Help save water,” as city councils pass restrictions on outdoor watering and other extraneous water usage in hopes of fighting the severest drought in state history.

For years now, healthy eaters have known a secret. It’s an ancient secret, tracing back to 3000 B.C. in the land of the Incas, where farmers discovered a plant called quinoa and named it their “mother grain.”

Now that the four-year tug-of-war over the Agricultural Act of 2014 (aka the farm bill) has come to a ceasefire, I encourage all who were following along to take a breath. A big one.