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You might not know her name yet, but you probably recognize Canadian actor Jud Tylor from roles on Mad Men, Beautiful People, and That 70’s Show.

Here, the blogger (, author, and kitchen maestra shares her tips for navigating your local Latin market.

Got the back-to-school blues? My Sweet Vegan author and food photographer Hannah Kaminsky is just the girl to cheer you up.

As a veg viewer, are you constantly having to tune out non-veg segments of TV cooking shows?

Tofu is a versatile staple in any plant-strong diet. It’s also a mystery to many people.

Great Sage's executive chef Adam Pierce is passionate about using local, organic, in-season ingredients whenever possible to create his spectacular plant-based dishes. Anyone who has eaten at this Clarksville, Maryland vegan hot spot can attest to the delicious results of his philosophy.

Get ready for total taste salvation as you read this interview with chef Ross Olchvary, owner of the gourmet vegan restaurant Sprig & Vine, which opened its doors in New Hope, PA, in 2010 and has been thriving ever since.

Café Blossom on Carmine Street in New York City is the sort of restaurant that anyone who cares about health, animal welfare, and the environment would go for a delicious meal that's in line with their values.

The future of food is in peril, warns the documentary film Seeds of Time. Gorgeously shot, the film follows the global odyssey of agriculture pioneer Cary Fowler to help ensure food security for the world’s population. Here, we dig a bit deeper with Fowler about what makes for a sustainable food system.

“When you learn that an average American discards 4.5 pounds per day of trash, you realize we are the problem because we are not aware of where our trash is going and what it does to the environment and ultimately to our health,” says Philippe Carillo, co-director and co-producer—with his wife, Maxine—of the documentary Inside the Garbage of the World. The film aims to correct this lack of awareness by showing the scourge of plastic pollution. Here, Philippe passionately responds to questions the film prompts.

The trend for veg-friendly restaurants, shops, and cafés has taken hold in Paris, creating new options for travelers to the City of Light. With that in mind, we chatted with our favorite Parisian insider, Aurelia d’Andrea, author of Vegetarian Paris: The Complete Insider's Guide to the Best Veggie Food in Paris.

Backed by a globally diverse band of musicians—aptly named The United Nations—Australian musical artist and eco-activist Xavier Rudd this spring released a new album, Nanna. Rudd chats with us just as he’s about to kick off a North American tour with the band.