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Nutrition IQ

Tips for staying on the good-eating track at work.

Veganism doesn’t always equal a healthy lifestyle. Some people get by eating processed plant-based foods, but the healthiest vegans practice habits that really make them thrive. When others see their energy and that vegan glow, they want what they’re having!

A well-stocked pantry means a nourishing meal is never more than a cupboard (or freezer!) away. Short on shelf space? We asked cookbook authors and nutrition experts 
to help us narrow down our list of the most versatile ingredients for your kitchen.

If you want some allergy relief this season, start by taking a good look at your plate. Is it full of fruits and veggies at every meal? It really should be, because the best remedy for seasonal allergies might be in these plant-based foods. Fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, and grains contain an enormous variety of nutrients that work together to keep you healthy even during the onslaught of seasonal allergies. Drink lots of water (preferably with fresh lemon), make sure you eat a balanced plant-based diet full of the foods below, and expect a happier allergy season.

A colorful plate isn’t just pretty to look at—it also serves up a beautiful dose of healthful nutrients! To get the maximum benefit out of your meal, make sure your plate is filled with a rainbow of colors.

I am a salad lover, and what's not to love? Salads make it easy to eat a well-balanced meal at home or on the go. However, there is one essential piece of salad prep that will make them even more nutritious.

Aside from fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy eaters know how important it is to stock their kitchens with other nutritious foods that are less perishable. If you want to commit to healthful eating, making it easy to eat well with a well-stocked pantry is your key to success.

What you put into your body is as important as what you put on it. Whether you’re interested in clearing acne, preventing premature aging, or protecting your skin from environmental damage, the first step to attaining beautiful skin is to eat a healthy, balanced diet.

Sugar makes us feel so good—that is, until it doesn’t. No one enjoys the cravings, guilt, and health problems that come with being addicted to the processed sugar that’s abundant in many desserts, snacks, and candies.

Vitamin D is critical to health

Heirloom grains have a deep and exciting history that goes back to another time when wheat, rice, and corn were packed with more nutrients, more color, and more flavor than the varieties we're familiar with today.

Working as a health coach in NYC, I've found that many of my clients want to boost their energy levels. While there is no substitute for restorative sleep, there are some everyday foods that can give you a boost.