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Vegan Brunch Ideas

In my time as a vegan blogger, chef, and health coach, I have been asked dozens of times to share brunch recipes that would be appropriate for vegans and omnivores alike. When thinking of brunch, we often think of egg omelets, quiches, crêpes, sausages, and fruit. For a typical American brunch, the only vegan item I can think of is the fresh fruit! However, a vegan brunch can be delicious, filling, and inviting too. Here are my tips for switching out the animal products to create an impressive vegan brunch.

Supereasy Vegan: Rice-Paper Rolls Demystified

The best part about my bi-monthly jaunt to the Asian grocery store isn’t just stocking up on potstickers, dried shiitakes, and chili sauce, but roaming the aisles looking for new stuff to try. From frozen sheets of tofu skin to whole lotus roots, I’ve (almost) tried it all—with varying degrees of culinary success. One of the best moves I ever made was working up the courage to try rice-paper wrappers. Something about them always intimidated me—their stiff translucence, for starters. How do those rough, papery sheets morph into those deliciously delicate rolls that I order every time I set foot inside a Vietnamese restaurant?

Supereasy Vegan: Lemony White Bean Purée

Summertime makes me giddy, and it’s not just the sunshine and subsequent Vitamin D boost that puts me in a good mood. It’s partly the produce: Those juicy tomatoes, succulent stone fruit, and vine-ripened peppers must contain some secret feel-good phytochemicals, because I feel fabulous after eating them. I’m also a big fan of shelling beans—favas, runner beans, and my favorite, cranberry beans. I buy them by the bucketload as soon as they make an appearance at the farmers’ market.

Supereasy Vegan: Salty-Sweet Sautéed Dates

The guys who work the vegetable stands in Paris’ open-air markets really know how to reel in new customers. “Goûtez! Goûtez!” they insist (“Taste! Taste!”). I usually obey orders and am often so seduced by the flavor of a juicy Clementine or perfectly ripe strawberry that I end up walking away with a big box. Recently, I found myself toting home an oversized package of dates, wondering what the heck I was going to do with them all now that I had a lifetime supply.