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A well-stocked pantry means a nourishing meal is never more than a cupboard (or freezer!) away. Short on shelf space? We asked cookbook authors and nutrition experts 
to help us narrow down our list of the most versatile ingredients for your kitchen.

Serving wine at your holiday feast? Watch what you pair with the vegetarian roast. Turns out, more than 70 additives—including a handful of animal products—can be used to make and process wine. Not to worry. Here’s how to find 
a vegetarian-friendly wine (and avoid ones that aren’t).

Calling all grocery shoppers! We need your help: for this year’s Foodie Awards, VT editors scoured every corner of the supermarket to pick 100 must-have veg products. Now we want to know your favorites. Just by voting, you could win a $100 gift card.

Even the most experienced veg chefs suffer tofu insecurity every once in a while. Silken or soft? Sprouted or regular? Here are the best uses for each type of tofu (plus recipes!).

Boo! Many store-bought sweets are neither vegan nor vegetarian. Keep these tips in mind when buying Halloween treats this year.

It’s rhubarb season! Many people love to eat rhubarb but are completely confused about how to prepare it themselves. I remember the first time I saw a dense display of those long pinkish stalks at the Copley Square farmers' market in Boston. Rhubarb is indeed the stalk of a plant, much like chard or celery, cultivated for thousands of years. The leaves are toxic, but the edible stalk is scrumptious and versatile.

Thinking about going vegan, but not ready to give up cheese? You're certainly not alone. Many vegans have gone through a period where giving up cheese felt impossible. Pizza is one of my favorite foods, and I never thought I would be able to give it up.

Take a look inside my refrigerator and one thing becomes immediately clear: I’m a condiment fanatic. Lined up in not-too-tidy rows are mustards, ketchups, barbecue sauces, chutneys, pickles, tapenades, Tabasco-like sauces galore, and probably my most-used condiment, harissa.

If you avoid dairy for health or ethical reasons, you’re probably familiar with soymilk, rice milk, and almond milk. Then there's oat milk, coconut milk, hemp milk ... it can be a bit overwhelming!

I was first introduced to jackfruit in southern India, where the edible orbs dangle from trees like prickly green footballs. In hot and steamy South Asia, they’re eaten fresh, cooked, and dried, in both sweet and savory preparations.

Before The Kale Project came along and changed the edible landscape of Paris' outdoor markets, there wasn’t anything particularly kale-ish to be found beyond the usual cabbage and occasional bundle of collard greens. Then I discovered gai lan.

Cornstarch has an unwarranted bad reputation, founded primarily on those ubiquitous gloopy sauces served at mediocre Chinese restaurants around the world. But the fluffy white powder does have its virtues!