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Here at VT, we’re always on the lookout for the latest-and-greatest vegan cheese. Kite Hill. Treeline. Dr-Cow. We've devoured it all. Our current obsession? Miyoko’s Creamery. The aged cashew-based goodies made by vegan DIYer and cookbook author Miyoko Schinner elevate any cheese plate, sandwich, pasta dish, or straight-up snack attack.

Want a waste-conscious gift wrap that’s way simpler than fussing with paper and ribbon? Take a cue from an age-old Japanese custom called furoshiki, and transform scraps of fabric into wrapping that’s both green and gorgeous. Here's how to do it.

When I was growing up in Virginia, kale was kale. It was different from collards, mustards, and turnip salad (what my family calls turnip greens). There was only one variety of curly-leafed kale, which you boiled for a long, long time.

I love perfumes but am not always a fan of the ingredients. Many perfumes are full of synthetic chemicals like acetone or phthalates (used to make plastics). Many studies have linked these substances to skin irritation, birth defects, cancer, migraines, and asthma—not so lovely!

There was once a time when a beautiful and ethically made bag was an oxymoron. These days there are plenty of eco-loving designers making compassionate accessories. Let’s go shopping!

To paraphrase a popular weekly: Food editors! They’re just like us! And contrary to what you might think we (well, I) haven’t eaten everywhere, tasted everything, or cooked out of every cookbook on the market. Case in point: Romanesco broccoli.