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Just ditched meat but still tempted by forbidden foods? Don't give up: to help you out, we asked our food editor for a few healthful veg staples that make the most delicious substitutes.

If you avoid dairy for health or ethical reasons, you’re probably familiar with soymilk, rice milk, and almond milk. Then there's oat milk, coconut milk, hemp milk ... it can be a bit overwhelming!

Before The Kale Project came along and changed the edible landscape of Paris' outdoor markets, there wasn’t anything particularly kale-ish to be found beyond the usual cabbage and occasional bundle of collard greens. Then I discovered gai lan.

Wintertime can feel like a desert, culinarily speaking. Gone are the vivid stone fruits of summer and bright spring greens, replaced by root vegetables in varying shades of beige. Yet, the cold weather does bring its own colorful, edible bounty.

I used to do it without even thinking: Reach for the salt shaker before tasting my food and sprinkle with reckless abandon.

Pumpkin pie is one of the quintessential sweets of the winter holiday season, and synonymous with American Thanksgiving celebrations because pumpkin is one of our native foods.

There’s a bit of debate about whether honey is vegan or not. I say it’s not, since it is made by bees for bees as their primary food source. When we step in and “cultivate” honey for human consumption, we interfere with the natural order of bees’ complex universe, and leave the poor critters without a winter food supply.