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Veg Events

From adopting a turkey to visiting a farm sanctuary to dining out at a veg restaurant, here's how to give the holiday a compassionate revamp that benefits humans 
as much as the (spared) animals.

Check out the annual Holistic Holiday at Sea, which takes passengers on a cruise in the Caribbean while they enjoy vegan cuisine, cooking classes, experts' lectures, and health-focused activities.

Start a new Thanksgiving tradition by sponsoring a turkey through Farm Sanctuary's Adopt-a-Turkey Project!

On Sunday, June 16, animal and veggie food lovers gathered at the SmogShoppe in Culver City, Calif. for a fabulous afternoon in the Southern California sun to raise money for the Humane Society of The United States. The event was the first of its kind for HSUS, showcasing delicious fare prepared by celebrity vegan chefs Tal Ronnen and Yves Fournier and hosted by actress and activist Emily Deschanel. The main objective: promoting just how outstanding vegan food can be.

With such a strong focus on eating turkey, Thanksgiving can be a tough holiday for vegetarians and vegans. One farm animal rights group put a spin on tradition by throwing a festive Thanksgiving feast where “turkeys are the guests of honor, rather than part of the menu.”

Whether you’re a longtime vegetarian, an animal lover, foodie, or just curious about a plant-based diet, immersing yourself in a vegetarian festival this summer is a great way to get a taste of the cuisine, meet other veg-enthusiasts, and boost your veggie IQ. Check out summer 2012's line-up of veg festivals and get inspired to plan a fun-filled summer veg-cation.