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30 Minute Recipes

Michele’s Margaritas

Michele’s Margaritas

Cointreau is a good choice because the subtle orange flavor won’t overpower the fresh lime.

Pasta Salad is a staple as a barbecue side dish for good reason – it’s satisfying, simple, and the perfect outlet for fresh, seasonal vegetables.

vegetarian times recipe

Napa Cabbage and Rice Noodle Salad

The dressing for this Asian-style salad is made without soy sauce to keep the colors bright and the flavors light. For a spicy version, stir 1 tsp. sriracha or sambal oelek into the dressing.

Tomatillo Pizza-Dillas

Tomatillo Pizza-dillas

Provolone cheese holds pairs of corn tortillas together for quesadilla-style pizza bases. If you can’t find tomatillos, use thinly sliced Roma or cocktail tomatoes.

vegetarian times recipe

Za’atar-Lavash Pizzas

Baking za’atar onto flat bread is common in the Middle East. We took the idea and turned it into a goat cheese–tomato pizza.


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