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Ask A Chef: Sprig & Vine's Ross Olchvary

Get ready for total taste salvation as you read this interview with chef Ross Olchvary, owner of the gourmet vegan restaurant Sprig & Vine, which opened its doors in New Hope, PA, in 2010 and has been thriving ever since. Upon discovering the heath benefits of a plant-based diet, Olchvary, who has always had a passion for art and music, turned his creative energy toward cooking. Read on for inventive cooking tips (and a delicious recipe!) from this impressive chef.

Ask a Chef: Shawain Jay of Cafe Blossom

Café Blossom on Carmine Street in New York City is the sort of restaurant that anyone who cares about health, animal welfare, and the environment would go for a delicious meal that's in line with their values. The totally vegan cafe is known for its creative dishes that use organic, seasonal ingredients. I recently sat down with the head chef, Shawain Jay (he goes by Jay). During our chat, I got the dish on Jay's latest ingredient obsessions, his favorite meal to serve omnivores, and more. If trumpet mushroom scallops with sweet onion jam and potato crisps or slow roasted rutabaga and quinoa with sautéed kale sound good to you, read on.

Ask a Chef: Sage Advice from Great Sage’s Chef

Great Sage's executive chef Adam Pierce is passionate about using local, organic, in-season ingredients whenever possible to create his spectacular plant-based dishes. Anyone who has eaten at this Clarksville, Maryland vegan hot spot can attest to the delicious results of his philosophy. That’s all well and good for a chef to say, but what about the average home cook who is a little less comfortable in the kitchen? Read on to get Pierce's advice for how to make the most of local, in-season ingredients even if you’re not a culinary genius.

Ask a Chef: Tofu Scramble Tips from Christy Morgan

Tofu is a versatile staple in any plant-strong diet. It’s also a mystery to many people. I stayed away from tofu for years in my own kitchen because I didn’t know how to prepare it. It always ended up a soggy mess on my plate. That all changed when I picked up some tofu-making techniques and got busy experimenting in the kitchen. Today, I use this protein-rich food in several dishes a week for my family.


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