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Easy Does It

vegetarian times recipe

Apple-Date Crisps

Apples and dates come together beautifully in this low-fat crisp. You can mix and match apple varieties for more flavor complexity.

vegetarian times recipe

Pear and Lavender Charlottes

The French love to assemble single-serving desserts in glasses, and this easy Charlotte makes for an elegant treat. Dried lavender teases floral notes out of the pears.

vegetarian times recipe

Mango Pistachio Cardamom Ice Cream

Take a sweet trip to India with this easy frozen treat, spiked with green cardamom and nuggets of pistachio. Silken tofu makes it extra creamy and smooth with no dairy. Grinding the seeds from whole cardamom pods offers the freshest flavor—look for the pods at spice purveyors and gourmet kitchenware stores.

Lemon-Almond Souffles

Lemon-Almond Soufflés

There’s nothing intimidating about these zesty soufflés, just be sure to grease the sides of the ramekins up to the rim so they’ll rise fully in the oven.

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