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Healing Foods

Hearty Miso Stew

Hearty Miso Stew

You can use any type of miso paste for this soup. Red miso offers the strongest flavor. For milder results, try white miso.

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Rouille Sauce

In the south of France, this spicy sauce is traditionally spread on toasted croutons and dipped into bouillabaisse. But its delicious flavors complement more than just fish soup. Try croutons and rouille with your favorite soup, or use the sauce as a sandwich spread or dip. If oil rises to the top during storage, stir or blend the rouille in a food processor before using.

Frozen Matcha Slushies

Frozen Matcha Slushies

Here at VT, we're matcha obsesssed. It’s more like a slushie than a smoothie or milkshake, and is only mildly sweet.

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This mildly spiced kimchi can be made hotter by adding more ground chiles. It will get more sour with time; if it becomes too sour to enjoy on its own, use it to make Kimchi Stew.


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