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Michael Anthony—Executive Chef of Gramercy Tavern

The executive Chef of Gramercy Tavern and Untitled restaurant in New York City took a time out from the kitchen to chat with VT about making vegetable-centered meals.

I like to buy products with homegrown raw materials when I can, and it’s nice when U.S. authorities help not hinder that from happening. I’m thinking hemp oil, hemp milk, hemp apparel, and (if I ever build my dream house) Hempcrete.

Actress Dylan Gelula can be seen in two series: TV Land’s Jennifer Falls, and ABC Family’sChasing Life. Gelula’s been meat-free for most of her 20 years.

You might not know her name yet, but you probably recognize Canadian actor Jud Tylor from roles on Mad Men, Beautiful People, and That 70’s Show.

As a veg viewer, are you constantly having to tune out non-veg segments of TV cooking shows?

The documentary film The Whale has plot twists to rival any action feature.

It all started with a slice of Cheezecake.


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