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Winter Vegetable Medley with Paella-Style Orzo

Parsnip-Pear Soup

Slightly sweet with a hint of spice, this velvety soup highlights the delicate flavor of parsnips. For best results, use soft, ripe pears.

Sweet Potato Puree with Candied Pecans

Sweet Potato Purée with Candied Pecans

This recipe straddles the line between luscious side dish and low-key dessert. To bring the dish to a potluck, keep the candied pecans crunchy by packing them separately and sprinkling them on the dish just before serving.

Lemony Linzer Cookies

Lemony Linzer Cookies

Nut flours are common ingredients in Central and Eastern European cookies such as this Austrian favorite.

Red Devil Beet Bundt Cake

Red Devil Beet Bundt Cake

Puréed beets bring color, sweetness, and an irresistibly moist texture to this cake. To retain the dessert’s red color, use regular unsweetened cocoa powder, not Dutch processed. Chocolate extract (found in the baking aisle with other extracts) delivers extra chocolate intensity, but omitting it won’t ruin the recipe.

Pina Colada Bars

Piña Colada Bars

Stretch those poolside summer days well into autumn with these cocktail-inspired treats.

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Bittersweet Blackberry Brownies

These dense, fudgy brownies have a jammy backdrop, and tiny blackberry seeds add a surprisingly pleasant texture. À la mode options include sorbet to bring out the blackberry flavor or a classic vanilla soy ice cream.


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