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Eating a vegetarian diet creates an excellent foundation for a healthy life. Here, you'll learn how to get best nutrition and good health from the food you eat.

Headlines screaming “poisonous rice” might have you ixnaying the widely eaten grain from your meals, but it can still be a beneficial part of your dietary repertoire.

Chef Jennifer Iserloh, author of 50 Shades of Kale and one of the founders of National Kale Day, offers great suggestions on how vegetarians and vegans can maximize this green ingredient for good health.

As you read in our article, 15 Reasons You Should Be Eating Breakfast, the first meal of the day really is important. Yet, 31 million Americans are skipping breakfast every day, according to The NDP Group. We get it. There are plenty of reasons why you ditch breakfast. Whatever your excuse, you'll love these recipes that can solve all of your problems and get your breakfast routine back on track.

Through her own journey, Certified Nutritionist Sara Sullivan realized that when she started feeding her body with healthy food,  her whole world changed. That is what led her to become a passionate educator, supporting and guiding others on the healing power of food.

You've heard it a million times - breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Countless studies have shown the health benefits of starting your day with a healthy, balanced meal. Not convinced? Check out these reasons why you and your kids should be eating breakfast:

Are juice cleanses all they're cracked up to be?

Q: What do you think about juice cleanses? Are they worth it?

A: That depends on why and how you’re doing a juice cleanse. If you need the discipline of a juice cleanse to reset your eating habits, one- to three-day cleanses are the perfect dose.

Grocery shopping can be intimidating for new vegetarians: off-limits ingredients abound, and questionable products seem to lurk in every aisle. Is there lard in those beans? Anchovies in that dressing? When in doubt, use this handy cheat sheet to identify the most common supermarket foods and drinks that might not pass the veg test—and learn how to replace them with suitable substitutions.


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