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Eating a vegetarian diet creates an excellent foundation for a healthy life. Here, you'll learn how to get best nutrition and good health from the food you eat.


Should you line the pan with aluminum foil, or would it be healthier to switch to parchment paper?



Is it true that soaking these foods boosts their nutrient values?


Serving wine at your holiday feast? Watch what you pair with the vegetarian roast. Turns out, more than 70 additives—including a handful of animal products—can be used to make and process wine. Winemakers aren’t required to list those additives on wine labels, 
so it can be extra-tricky to know which wines are truly vegetarian or vegan. Not to worry. Here’s how to find 
a veg-friendly vino (and avoid ones that aren’t).


A well-stocked pantry means a nourishing meal is never more than a cupboard (or freezer!) away. Short on shelf space? We asked cookbook authors and nutrition experts 
to help us narrow down our list of the most versatile veg ingredients. Here are 10 must-haves—in no particular order—for your kitchen.

agave nectar

What are the health benefits of agave compared to sugar?

Tempted by junk food at the office? We hear you! Here a few simple tricks to avoid gobbling every last bar and cookie that crosses my path.


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