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Find Vegetarian-friendly travel destinations and restaurants. Be prepared with Vegetarian lifestyle travel tips.

Marriage turned Vernon Woodland into a vegan.

The chef at and co-owner of the Washington, D.C., eatery NuVegan Café (formerly Woodland’s Vegan Bistro) grew up eating like other African-American youth in the city’s black neighborhoods: meals centered on chicken, beef, and pork. And there was plenty of macaroni and cheese.

His wife, Mickiyah Woodland, who spent her childhood years in Bermuda and in D.C., learned to cook at a young age in the vegan restaurants that her parents operated. 

What it is: A Vegan Bar

The backstory: In a city whose reputation is entangled with hipster stereotypes, The Bye and Bye offers a relaxed, upbeat space free of pretension. Located on Alberta Street, an artsy thoroughfare in Northeast Portland, this vegan bar was established by six friends in 2007. “The owners built the bar with their own hands, then tended bar while running the daily operations,” says communications and events manager Phillip Conner.

There’s an unfortunate misconception that traveling as a vegan is difficult - making vegans feel that they can’t travel (and also causing many travelers to feel they can’t go vegan even though they want to, which I’ve heard many times). However, it’s not difficult to travel as a vegan, once you know a few tips and tricks. You’ll get to explore a side of local culture that few get to see and meet vegans around the world.

Here are 8 tips to make vegan travel not only easy, but enjoyable:

Traveling can take a toll on your weight-loss goals: you're often eating on the run, indulging in local cuisine, and struggling to maintain your normal routine.

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