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Arugula-Ricotta Omelet for One

Here’s an easy, elegant lunch or light dinner option that can be made with ingredients straight from the fridge. The recipe serves one, but can easily be quadrupled and made in a large skillet to serve four people.



Ingredient Line: 
1 egg plus 2 egg whites, or 2 whole eggs
Ingredient Line: 
1 small shallot, chopped (2 Tbs.)
Ingredient Line: 
1 oil-packed sun-dried tomato, finely chopped, plus ½ tsp. oil from jar
Ingredient Line: 
1 cup arugula
Ingredient Line: 
1 Tbs. low-fat ricotta cheese


1. Whisk egg and egg whites with 1 Tbs. water in small bowl. Season with salt and pepper, and set aside.

2. Place shallot, sun-dried tomato, and reserved oil in small nonstick skillet, and heat over medium heat. Sauté 2 to 3 minutes, or until shallot is softened. Add arugula, and sauté 2 to 3 minutes, or until leaves are wilted.

3. Pour in egg mixture, stirring to distribute arugula and tomato bits evenly. Reduce heat to medium-low, and cook 2 minutes, or until omelet begins to set. Dollop ricotta cheese on one side, and cook 1 to 2 minutes more, or until omelet is set. Fold over omelet to cover cheese and form half-circle shape.

Nutrition Information: 

16 g
Total Fat: 
6 g
Saturated Fat: 
3 g
6 g
191 mg
234 mg
<1 g
2 g
Serves 1

Comments on this Recipe

I don't have the ingredients either,I'm with Wendy, I'll modify :-)

Arugula...Rocket..won't forget that one but beautiful simple recipe..and every Italian knows..put in the Ricotta

Looks delicious & sounds too !

Did a double version of the recipe, one for dinner, the other will be for lunch tomorrow. This tastes great. Txs

It was ok, but nothing to write home about.

This recipe was delicious, but I added much more sun dried tomatoes, shallots and arugula than was called for in recipe. Turned out to be more of a scramble than an omelet

What is Arugula? I often find that your recipes have ingredients that I've never heard of over here in England.

I am in South Africa - what is arugula?>

Sounds delicious. I never thought to put ricotta in an omelet!

I found it sad that I have NONE of the main ingredients on hand (except Eggs of course) ... and to make matters worse, never do. But it does sound yummy.

since i didn't have arugala I will use spinach and instead of ricotta, raw chedder.

great breakfast, but make sure you set the eggs before adding cheese, I made it too runny, still good. Would even be good baked as a fritata! thanks!

Looks good! Arugula is also known as rocket.

Arugula is rocket for those outside the US.

arugala is rocket, a peppery lettuce.

Arugala is known as rocket in the UK

Arugula is known as Rocket in England and Australia

Hi Kathy / Sharon, In England arugula = rocket

I think arugula is known as rocket (or roquette) in England. It is a peppery nutty green.

I made this with spinach instead of arugala and a fresh soft cheese I made from local unhomoginized grass fed milk. Didn't add the sun dried tomatoe. It was easy and terrific.

Arugula is also known as Rocket

Didn't have arugula but substituted. Great!!!

Arugula here is called "Rocket" in Europe-don't know what it's called in South Africa. It has a bit of a peppery bite to it....

Did not have argula but did have spinach and was good

Thanks for the advice on arugula - here in SA we also know it as rocket.

Made this four times so far! Combo of shallots, tomatoes and ricotta is superb. Turn heat down before adding arugula because it burns easily.

I love how many people are using raw, local, and grass fed cheese! GO REAL FOODIES! :D

Very yummy. I had no rocket so used 1/2 cup frozen spinach. It was delicious,filling and simple.

Excellent omelet! I'm a vegetarian so it fits my needs perfectly!

Try this!

Love it

1 sun dried tomato? Usually they are chopped up or vary in size. Is this a Tablespoon?