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Blueberry-Cucumber Smoothie

Blended cucumbers thicken a lightly sweet smoothie for a low-cal breakfast or a refreshing afternoon snack.



Ingredient Line: 
2 large garden cucumbers, peeled, seeded, and cut into chunks (2 cups)
Ingredient Line: 
1 cup low-fat vanilla yogurt
Ingredient Line: 
1 cup frozen blueberries
Ingredient Line: 
1-2 Tbs. honey or agave nectar
Ingredient Line: 
1 Tbs. lemon juice


Place all ingredients in blender, and blend until smooth.

Nutrition Information: 

4 g
Total Fat: 
1 g
Saturated Fat: 
<1 g
21 g
3 mg
42 mg
2 g
19 g
Serves 4

Comments on this Recipe

This smoothie was great for my 3yr old, he loved it! I did leave the skin and seeds on the cucumber though to keep the nutrients, fiber and water content intact. It did give it a crumblier texture but it was still really good! You could hardly taste the cucumber.

This is the one i was telling you about

i put dicen cucumbers in a jalepena and other pepper/cheese dip it was great

Great taste

The taste of cucumber was too strong. I would never make it again

I had a couple of cucumbers laying around and I just made a smoothie based on this recipe. I pared it down to a single serving so I used about a cup of cucumber, with peel but no seeds, about a cup of frozen strawberries (because I didn't have blueberries) and some almond milk instead of yogurt. It was really good, I didn't even need to add any additional sweetener and I enjoyed the subtle cucumber flavor. Good use of cucumber. (No lemons around either)

Dee-lish! I didn't have lemons so I added a bit of ginger. So good.

Can't wait to try it!

My friend and I really didn't like it. We wouldn't recommend it. We both like cucumber, but this mix just didn't do it for us. We wouldn't recommend it.

Souns good! I'm gonna give it try.

This was amazing, i substituted the blueberries with blackberries and it was really good!:)

According to my Ayurvedic practitioner and books I've read you should always eat fruit alone and never combined with yogurt. You also should not combine yogurt with honey. I'm confused how this smoothie is inline with Ayurveda.

I was surprised,but I really liked it. It is an excellent and nouvelle use for the abundant amount of cucumbers that our garden produced this year. Oh dear what was I going to do with all of them?! I used the whole cucumber including the skin. I think the lemon and the honey disguised the cucumber flavor otherwise I see how it could have been not so good.

For how long can I keep this in the fridge. Its lovely n I want it everyday

19g of sugar is a lot! Why not leave the sweetener out. Cucumber and blueberries have plenty of sweetness on their own to hold up in this smoothie. For a dairy free alternative try coconut milk or almond milk. Both are great!

I absolutely loved this recipe. I use a quarter of everything to make one serving and it is delicious. I really recommend having this. I ended up leaving the seeds in the smoothie because I didn't feel like taking them out of the cucumber and it still tasted amazing (and they blended just fine).

Taste like a blended cucumber! lol I still have a lot of seeds and it is very thin. Then as it sits for a few minutes, I mean just 3 minutes it starts get chunky. Very gross. YUKE.

thanks. drinking right now

I will always make smoothies with cucumbers now! I used mini cucumbers so the seeds were not an issue and they are naturally sweet. I used almond milk instead of yogurt and a drop of agave sweetener. Very refreshing!

I did not care for the flavor of this smoothie at all. Won't make it again.

I like this one a lot - very refreshing. I didn't peel the cucumber &amp; skipped the added honey/sugar. Still plenty sweet. Used Trader Joe's vanilla nonfat greek yogurt.