nutritional information

Per 1 1/2-cup serving:

  • Calories: 202
  • Protein: 8 g
  • Total Fat: 6 g
  • Saturated Fat: <1 g
  • Carbohydrates: 34 g
  • Cholesterol: 0 mg
  • Sodium: 217 mg
  • Fiber: 9 g
  • Sugar: 3 g

Bok Choy Skillet Supper

Bok Choy Skillet Supper

Serves 4

30 minutes or fewer

Bok choy halves are steamed over bulgur as it cooks for a one-pot meal that can go directly from stove to table.
  • 2 tsp. garlic-flavored olive oil, divided, plus more for drizzling
  • 8 oz. button mushrooms, sliced (2 cups)
  • 8 cherry or grape tomatoes, halved
  • 2 shallots, finely chopped (¼ cup)
  • 1 cup bulgur
  • 1 cup mushroom broth
  • 1 sprig fresh thyme plus 1 tsp. fresh thyme leaves, divided
  • 4 small bok choy, halved

1. Heat 1 tsp. garlic oil in skillet over medium-high heat. Add mushrooms, and cook 5 minutes, or until browned. Transfer to plate. Add tomatoes to skillet cut-side down, and cook 2 minutes, or until browned. Transfer to plate.

2. Add remaining 1 tsp. garlic oil to skillet. Stir in shallots, and sauté 2 to 3 minutes. Stir in bulgur until grains are coated with oil. Add broth, thyme sprig, and 1 1/2 cups water; season with salt and pepper, if desired. Cover, reduce heat to medium-low, and simmer 5 minutes.

3. Arrange bok choy halves on top of bulgur with leaves pointing outward (like spokes in a wheel). Sprinkle mushrooms and tomatoes between bok choy halves. Cover, and simmer 5 minutes more. Remove from heat, and let stand 10 minutes. Sprinkle with thyme leaves, and drizzle with garlic oil.

April/May 2011 p.64

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Wonderful dish. I chopped the book choy into smaller pieces, and used the left overs as egg roll filling. My family loved it.

Jacque - 2014-03-17 16:12:59

Hi Laura, Mushroom broth is similar to vegetable broth, just more mushroom-y. If you want to make your own, here is a recipe: It can also be bought premade, like this one from Pacific Foods:

vt_editor - 2014-03-11 19:17:35

Not sure what mushroom broth is??

Laura - 2014-03-11 16:30:08

Any suggestions on how to omit the bulgur wheat to make this dish gluten-free?

Kristen - 2014-03-11 04:38:31

I've made this 3 times since first seeing the recipe; it's so quick and easy to prepare and is delicious. It's definitely one of my favorite dinners.

Michele - 2013-11-18 02:39:14

Loved this!! I added some crushed red pepper flakes and used a leek instead of shallots and vegetable broth instead of mushroom broth. Loved it

Natalina Tulik - 2013-04-07 23:08:17

This is a very good light dish. Unfortunately I could not find baby bok choy so I used broccoli. To make this more substantial, I would add cashews, tofu or tempeh. I will make this again for sure.

Josee Houde - 2013-02-17 00:16:49

This was delicious. I made the mistake of substituting wheat berries for the bulgur (I had them on hand...), and it was slightly undercooked, and a lot of the liquid did not absorb. The flavor was wonderful, though. I substituted vegetable broth, and I used regular olive oil (note to self : next time add some garlic). Truly yummy.

cjprince - 2013-02-08 01:02:47

you can also add 1-2 teaspoons of hisoin sauce and diced firm tofu. pan fry the tofu in canola first and set aside and throw it back in after you're satisified with the texture of your vegetables to just warm the tofu again.

Janeth - 2012-08-20 14:27:50

Before making this recipe, I read the comments below and figured it would be a bit on the bland side. So, I substituted garlic oil for toasted sesame oil with some minced garlic. I also added some Bragg's Liquid Aminos and dash of soy sauce to the mushroom broth. It was perfect and didn't even need the salt and pepper. Enjoy!

Chelsey Sloan - 2012-05-10 18:13:12

I liked it...I just made it and thought it was pleasant...i added some garlic salt instead of just salt....i don't like too strong of this was fine with me!

Terry Bernier - 2012-05-09 00:39:21

This was dissapointing. I omitted the tomatoes and I added soy sauce, but still not much flavor. Maybe revamping as a stir fry, sauting the bok choy and mushrooms with ginger garlic soy and sesame, and serving over bulgar?

Liz - 2012-04-19 12:28:13

Fantastic recipe, my family and I really enjoyed it.

samantha - 2011-08-12 22:23:48

This was fun to make and filled the house with wonderful fragrances that hinted of the good things to come. It was delicious. It worked okay as a left-over dish as well.

MC - 2011-07-25 17:49:19

Yep, the carnivores even devoured it!

CrunchyGranola - 2011-07-11 20:42:48