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Chocolate Tapioca Pudding

In this recipe, granulated tapioca thickens chocolate soymilk into a luscious pudding without the addition of flour or eggs. Granulated tapioca cooks up smaller and smoother than pearl tapioca, so the pudding may just win over avowed tapioca pudding haters; this recipe converted VT recipe tester Fiona Kennedy.



Ingredient Line: 
1 qt. chocolate soymilk
Ingredient Line: 
⅛ tsp. salt
Ingredient Line: 
¼ cup quick-cooking granulated tapioca, such as Let's Do...Organic
Ingredient Line: 
⅔ cup gluten-free vegan chocolate chips, such as Enjoy Life


Bring soymilk and salt to a simmer in medium saucepan over medium heat. Stir in tapioca, and reduce heat to low. Cook at a low simmer 20 to 25 minutes, or until tapioca is transparent and pudding begins to thicken. Remove from heat, and stir in chocolate chips until melted. Cool completely before serving.

Nutrition Information: 

3 g
Total Fat: 
6 g
Saturated Fat: 
3 g
26 g
0 mg
89 mg
2 g
15 g
Serves 8

Comments on this Recipe

I used the quick cooking granulated tapioca as the recipe said, and it turned out perfect!

My fiance & I made this... unfortunately picked up non-quick cooking tapioca pearls and it took a little longer to make (soaked overnight), but it was well worth it. We were hungry for choc pudding and this hit the spot!

Cooked this up but did not thicken like pudding. Used quick-cooking tapioca.

I make a similar recipe from vegweb--which is richer than this one sounds--to which I add tapioca starch. This makes the recipe considerably quicker than using granulated tapioca, and will definitely satisfy the "avowed tapioca pudding haters". Coconut oil is also a nice addition to this pudding :)

Do you have to use soy milk or will another chocolate non-dairy milk work also?

Can you substitute (chocolate) milk for the soy milk in this recipe?

Chocolate tapioca pudding