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Farmers' Market Chowder

While corn and leeks are essential here, feel free to substitute potatoes, carrots, or other root vegetables for some or all of 
the sweet potatoes. You could also mix in yellow wax or purple beans with the green beans or use basil instead of cilantro.



Ingredient Line: 
4 large (or 5 small) ears corn, kernels removed and cobs reserved
Ingredient Line: 
2 ½ cups low-fat milk
Ingredient Line: 
2 cloves garlic, peeled and crushed, plus 3 cloves garlic, minced (1 Tbs.), divided
Ingredient Line: 
2 Tbs. unsalted butter
Ingredient Line: 
3 Tbs. olive oil, divided
Ingredient Line: 
3 cups sliced leeks (5 medium)
Ingredient Line: 
½ tsp. smoked paprika
Ingredient Line: 
⅓ cup dry sherry
Ingredient Line: 
12 oz. peeled sweet potatoes, cut into medium dice
Ingredient Line: 
½ lb. green beans, cut into ½-inch pieces
Ingredient Line: 
2 Tbs. chopped fresh cilantro


1. Combine corn kernels, milk, and crushed garlic in saucepan. Run back of knife down cobs to release milk and pulp into saucepan, then add cobs to pan. Bring to a boil. Remove pan from heat, and let steep.

2. Heat butter and 1 Tbs. oil in Dutch oven over medium-low heat. Add leeks, cover, and cook 15 minutes, stirring occasionally. Add minced garlic and paprika, and cook 30 seconds. Stir in sherry, and cook 30 seconds. Add 4 cups water, and remove pot from heat.

3. Heat 1 Tbs. oil in skillet over medium-high heat. Add sweet potatoes, and sauté 8 minutes, or until browned; transfer to Dutch oven. Add remaining 1 Tbs. oil to same skillet, add green beans, and sauté 3 minutes. Transfer beans to plate.

4. Bring mixture in Dutch oven to a boil, reduce heat to medium-low, and simmer 5 minutes. Add green beans, and cook 4 minutes more.

5. Strain milk mixture, and discard corncobs and garlic. Stir milk mixture and 1 Tbs. cilantro into chowder. Season with salt and pepper, if desired. Sprinkle with remaining cilantro, and serve with lime wedges.

Nutrition Information: 

8 g
Total Fat: 
13 g
Saturated Fat: 
4 g
37 g
15 mg
80 mg
5 g
15 g
Serves 6

Comments on this Recipe

This soup was Delicious! But it was a lot of work, but we should get back to basics and not use so much processed foods. I did not strain the corn but left it in. Next time I will need to cut the recipe in half because I only cook for my husband and myself now that we are empty nesters.

It's good. It's a lotta work and it makes a lotta food, so I used more frozen vegetables the 1st time, and canned veggies the 2nd time. Canned veggies are gross. I used Bay Leaves instead of Cilantro, and the Lime juice just adds a citric bite to the dish, so be careful with that. Is it gross that I like it cold... 2 days l8r??

This recipe seems to be much more complicated that it needs to be. Scraping pulp and milk from the corn cobs was really messy. Next time I will satay the veggies together and keep the corn kernels in the soup without worrying about trying to add pulp and milk. Overall - it was a tasty soup.

I was mesmerized by the cover photo so I made this recipe and found it very tasty (minus sherry and extra vegetables) but confusing to execute. If the corn kernels and cobs are strained from the milk, then how come there are so many corn kernels in the recipe photo?

This tasted great, but was waaay too much work. I dirtied 4 separate pans and this took too many hours. I wish I could think of a good way to modify this recipe. At the very least, I would use frozen corn kernels, but I'm not sure how good it would taste.

I think the easier way would be to use 1 can of cream corn and a bag of mixed vegetables.

Yes, the recipe is work, but it's not THAT bad. It took me an hour and I had to use three pots. More complicated than I would like for a weeknight, but totally worth it for a weekend meal. The one suggestion that I have is that in step 5 you can just fish out the corn cobs and the garlic (or leave the garlic in). That saves you the step of straining and adding stuff back in - instead take out what you don't need and then dump the corn and milk into the soup together. Totally worth it if you like an adventure!

Like Jenn, I think it was more complicated than it needed to be. I used fresh corn on the cob, cut the corn and scraped the cobs as directed: but from there, I started taking shortcuts. I did not saute the beans or the sweet potatoes. I microwaved both and added them to the pot, and was able to avoid adding too much oil to the soup. Next time, I will buy frozen corn and a small can of creamed corn to save time. I used cooking sherry instead of buying a bottle of regular sherry. I also added a bit of Better than Bouillion vegetable broth paste. It was great! I'm now going to make it for company.

I think it's important to say "non-gmo" corn, because some people don't know it causes infertility and systemic organ failure.

Seriously, dirty 3 pots/pans for a soup?!? There is no way that is necessary for this recipe. Sounds delicious though! :D

I LOVE this recipe! It did, how ever, have some confusing steps but it turned out fine. I skipped the step where you leave the cobs in the pan - it seemed unnecessary. Everyone enjoyed the overall dish in the end, anyway.

This was AMAZING! I've only been a vegetarian for two weeks now. I've never had Leeks before and I just never would've thought to mix all of these things together. I didn't really get confused from the recipe but I did have to use two pots and a skillet. If you clean as you cook it shouldn't be much of a problem with the wash. I do believe it is worth the trouble, it's deeeeelicious! working on day 3 now

My local farmers' market opens at 2:00 pm. I'll be there to pick up some corn and green beans...hopefully they'll have purple beans like they did a few weeks ago..... Have everything else. However, I will use my last container of (home-made) veg broth in lieu of water.

Finished a long entry and then got the message that I was posting too quickly WTF. Anyway, the recipe is too labor intensive and calorically high. I eliminated some of the steps and about 100 cal per serving and it's delicious. Why do we need to have so many pots and pans when totally unnecessary. BTW, does the recipe mean hot or sweet smoked paprika? It does not say. I used hot and it worked fine.

I am lactose intolerant but would love to make this soup. Can't so soy milk either. Any ideas as to what milk substitute would work for this?

SO GOOD. I fed this to three omnivores and they all loved it. Hearty, sweet, delicious.

Too labor intensive and not my favorite.

Patb - try almond milk if you are lactose and soy-intolerant.

This recipe is yummy and worth the work. I will make again for sure.

Made this and it was delic!

this was delicious. i used cayenne instead of smoked paprika, and it was a lil too spicy. we like spicy food, so we ate it anyway.....of course. lol (used salt during most of the steps to season the soup as i went instead of waiting til the end)

This was tasty, however I tweaked it a bit. Did everything the same but I added 1teaspoon of honey, used half and half instead of milk, and I puréed 1cup and stirred in the soup to thicken and add more flavor.

I agree that this was labor intensive but since I made this in the winter, I used frozen corn which I let steep in the milk to bring out more of the corn flavor. I also sauteed the sweet potatoes and green beans in the dutch oven along with leeks. Since I'm not a vegetarian, I used chicken broth for an extra layer of flavor but I'm sure vegetable broth could do the same thing. Turned out great.

Tasty,added extra salt and pepper. Might be good with red peppers?

This recipe was fabulous! I can't wait to make it again. I omitted the Cilantro & lime. Also used Yukon potatoes rather than sweet potatoes

forget the sherry YUCK also the milk-butter - not very vegetarian receipe -

Looks lovely. I see also that you guys in the USA are becoming addicted to smoked paprika ;) Awesome stuff!

Ah, I would of course avoid milk and use soy milk instead, or maybe blended cashew nuts which give a heavier "greasier" taste to make it a 100% vegan dish. I just checked out if sherry was vegan and it is, there are no animal products involved in it's elaboration.