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Green Minestrone



Ingredient Line: 
Grated Parmesan cheese (optional)
Ingredient Line: 
1 Tbs. olive oil
Ingredient Line: 
1 lb. leeks (white and pale green parts), well rinsed and diced (4 ½ cups)
Ingredient Line: 
1 cup diced carrots
Ingredient Line: 
1 Tbs. water
Ingredient Line: 
6 to 8 cups vegetable broth
Ingredient Line: 
½ cup small pasta shapes
Ingredient Line: 
1 19-oz. can cannellini beans, drained and rinsed
Ingredient Line: 
1 cup sliced green beans
Ingredient Line: 
1 cup diced zucchini
Ingredient Line: 
1 cup fresh or frozen small green peas
Ingredient Line: 
1 cup fresh asparagus, diagonally sliced
Ingredient Line: 
1 Tbs. chopped fresh parsley
Ingredient Line: 
1 Tbs. chopped fresh basil
Ingredient Line: 
2 green onions, coarsely chopped
Ingredient Line: 
1 clove garlic, minced


  1. In large pot, heat oil over medium heat. Add leeks, carrots and water. Cover and cook until the leeks are very tender, about 15 minutes. Do not brown.
  2. Add 6 cups of broth and bring to a boil. Add pasta and cook, stirring occasionally, until almost tender, about 10 minutes. Add beans, green beans, zucchini, peas and asparagus. Simmer, uncovered, over medium heat, until vegetables are tender, about 8 minutes.
  3. In small bowl, mix parsley, basil, green onions and garlic. Stir into simmering soup. Add additional broth to thin soup if necessary. Season with salt and pepper. Serve with grated Parmesan if desired.

Nutrition Information: 

17 g
Total Fat: 
7 g
Saturated Fat: 
1 g
70 g
500 mg
13 g
6 Servings

Comments on this Recipe

Don't know why the calorie count would be so high when there is a nominal amount of oil. I always cook my pasta separately and serve on side or when the soup is done. Soggy pasta is yucky. Surprised there are no comments when this was submitted 16 years ago. My goodness. Going to add some diced tomatoes and some spinach. Smells yummy so far. Thanks VT