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Louisiana Greens and "Sausage"

A spicy dish with great flavor and texture, this greens mixture contains a delicious potlikker, which is the vitamin- and mineral-rich broth that comes from cooking down the greens.



Ingredient Line: 
2 tsp. olive oil
Ingredient Line: 
¼ tsp. crushed red pepper
Ingredient Line: 
4 cloves garlic, minced
Ingredient Line: 
1 medium-sized onion, coarsely chopped
Ingredient Line: 
1 14-oz. bulk-style soy "sausage"
Ingredient Line: 
16 oz. mixed greens, such as mustard, collard, turnip and spinach
Ingredient Line: 
2 ½ Tbs. red wine vinegar
Ingredient Line: 
⅓ cup white wine or vegetable stock
Ingredient Line: 
2 cups vegetarian "chicken" stock, boiling
Ingredient Line: 
¾ cup tomato sauce
Ingredient Line: 
½ Tbs. dried thyme


  1. Heat oil and crushed pepper over medium-high heat in a very large saucepan or stockpot for 1 minute. Add garlic and onions. Cook for 2 minutes, and add soy “sausage,” stirring and breaking apart with a large spoon. Cook mixture for 7 minutes, stirring frequently until browned. Add greens, reduce heat to medium-low and cook mixture, covered, stirring occasionally, for 5 minutes, or until greens cook down. Add vinegar, wine, stock and tomato sauce. Reduce heat to low.
  2. Cover, and cook for 15 minutes. Add thyme, and cook 5 minutes longer, or until greens are tender, stirring occasionally.

Nutrition Information: 

13 g
Total Fat: 
2 g
Saturated Fat: 
20 g
392 mg
5 g
5 g
Serves 6

Comments on this Recipe

Unfortunately, this wasn't very good.

One of our favorites! It's become a staple in our house.

This is a wonderful recipe! Very filling and lots of flavor.

Very delicious! Lots of flavor, really good served with black eyed peas and rice.

I was astonished at how easy and tasty this dish turned out. It makes a great meal for a busy weeknight, especially when served over rice.

i live in cedar park tx ,where can i buy veg-chicken stock

I made this a few nights and I didn't like this dish at all. I really wish I had because this sounded so good. It was just too soupy.

We love this dish and have been making it regularly since it was published in 2004. We serve it with mashed potatoes that are 50% white potatoes and 50% sweet potatoes. This soaks up most of the extra liquid and makes for a hearty meal.