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Maple-Apple Muffins

Cooked quinoa keeps these baked treats moist and healthful. If you don’t care about avoiding gluten, use all-purpose flour in place of gluten-free flour mix.



Ingredient Line: 
2 large eggs
Ingredient Line: 
½ cup pure maple syrup
Ingredient Line: 
2 Tbs. canola oil
Ingredient Line: 
1 tsp. pure vanilla extract
Ingredient Line: 
1 Gala apple, peeled, cored, and diced (1¼ cups)
Ingredient Line: 
½ cup cooked quinoa
Ingredient Line: 
1 ½ cups gluten-free flour mix
Ingredient Line: 
½ cup sugar
Ingredient Line: 
2 Tbs. ground flaxseed
Ingredient Line: 
1 ½ tsp. ground cinnamon
Ingredient Line: 
1 tsp. baking powder
Ingredient Line: 
1 tsp. baking soda
Ingredient Line: 
¼ tsp. salt


1. Preheat oven to 375°F. Line 12-cup muffin pan with paper liners. Spray liners with cooking spray.

2. Whisk eggs in large bowl. Whisk in maple syrup, oil, and vanilla extract, then stir in apple and quinoa.

3.  Combine flour, sugar, flaxseed, cinnamon, baking powder, baking soda, and salt in separate bowl. Whisk until combined.

4. Make well in flour mixture, and pour in half of apple mixture. Stir to combine. Add remaining apple mixture, and stir until batter is smooth.

5. Divide batter among prepared muffin cups, and bake 20 minutes, or until toothpick inserted in center of muffin in center of pan comes out clean. Cool 5 minutes before serving.

Nutrition Information: 

3 g
Total Fat: 
4 g
Saturated Fat: 
<1 g
33 g
31 mg
214 mg
2 g
19 g
Makes 12 muffins

Comments on this Recipe

This was delicious and you can substitute chia seed and maybe walnuts, very good.

Quite good!

Delicious!! This was terrific to take to my Moms Group. So many are gluten free and avoiding dairy. They were a big hit. I'm going to cut back a bit on the sugar next time to see how it goes. Thank you for a healthy delicious muffin!

This was very good, and moist. I made some change though. I used additional flax seed soaked in water to replace the eggs, making these vegan friendly. I also replaced the canola oil with coconut oil, vanilla extract with real vanilla bean, and regular whole wheat white flour instead of gluten free mix.