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Rosemary Sweet Potato Chips

Unlike white potatoes, sweet potatoes do not have to be cooked before they’re eaten. We’ve seasoned these wholesome chips with rosemary, but you can substitute other dried spices, such as garlic powder, onion powder, nutritional yeast, paprika, or cayenne pepper.



Ingredient Line: 
1 large sweet potato
Ingredient Line: 
2 Tbs. olive oil
Ingredient Line: 
1 Tbs. lemon juice
Ingredient Line: 
1 tsp. dried rosemary, crushed
Ingredient Line: 
½ tsp. sea salt


1. Cut sweet potato into paper-thin slices with mandoline or sharp knife. Place slices in bowl, and gently rub
in oil and lemon juice until well coated. Add rosemary and salt, and toss to combine.
2. Place slices on dehydrator trays without overlapping. Dehydrate 6 to 10 hours, or until crispy, shifting trays as necessary to dry chips evenly. Turn off dehydrator, and cool chips completely. Store in airtight container for several weeks.

Nutrition Information: 

<1 g
Total Fat: 
5 g
Saturated Fat: 
<1 g
7 g
0 mg
142 mg
1 g
2 g
Serves 6

Comments on this Recipe

For raw and living foods, dehydrator temperature is under 118 degrees. I use the Cafe Gratitude method of dehydrating at 145 degrees for one hour, then 115 until done. The goal is not to allow the internal temperature of the food to get above 118 degrees, because that is the temperature where enzymes become inactive and protein structure changes.

I'd love to try this. And I'd love to have a dehydrator. I'd like to see VT do a product review on them.

None of these dehydrator recipes mention the temperature. Am I missing something? For kp, I have an excalibur dehydrator; works great. I chose it because of the fan in the back, rather than at the bottom.

Typical drying temp for vegetables is 130° F to 145°F (55°to 63°C)

i don't have a dehydrator. is there any other way to prepare these chips so they don't turn to mush?

HI...can you explain why whit potatoes cannot be made raw for chips in the dehydrator? I made a batch last night and they taste good to me, except just a tad harder than I'd like. Is there a health concern dehydrating raw white potatoes I should know about? Thanks!

At what temperture should the sweet potatoes be dehydrated? Basically raw white potatoes are hard to digest and little nutrition can be used from them before cooking, as well as there being a chance of digestive upset from a high alkaloid content. But this doesn't really mean white potatoes can't be eaten raw, just that many people prefer not to.

Could you just cut, season and eat? Don't have a dehydrator.

Could you just cut, season and eat? Don't have a dehydrator.ornoven bake????

You could slice these in the food processer and dry in your machine.

I made a 1kg batch of these to take on a camping trip but they're so good that they only lasted a couple of days So just starting the next batch (with double quantities) to take camping :)

Try this

This recipe sounds delicious but I find it frustrating that the nutrtional information is for 1 cup! Very difficult to measure. I thing gram weight would be better.

I dehydrated sweet potatoes but they are very bitter. not pleasant at all! what am i missing here?

Dehydrated ??? Ok, alternative ?

Temperature dehydrated at depends on how you plan to use them - anything you want to use as a raw product (this is) that you're not going to cook needs to be dehydrated at 118 or below. Above 118 degrees you start to kill food value/nutrition.

why don you cook the potatoes first? thanks jenna

I followed this recipe to a tee but they turned out like leather. What did I do wrong. Actually every thing (except herbs) have turned out like this. I purchased the dehydrator to make healthy veggie chips, and they seem to be tasteless cardboard.