nutritional information


  • Calories: 375
  • Protein: 21 g
  • Total Fat: 18 g
  • Saturated Fat: 3 g
  • Carbohydrates: 27 g
  • Sodium: 719 mg
  • Fiber: 3 g
  • Sugar: 5 g

Stuffed Tofu-Turkey

Serves 12

Susan Fekety of Portland, ME, makes this tofu-turkey every year with her sister Sally. We tried it, and the results were delicious! Even skeptical omnivores from our corporate staff kept coming back for more. Note: You'll need a triple thickness of cheesecloth, big enough to line a colander.
  • 4 16-oz. tubs extra-firm tofu
  • 2 tsp. ground dried thyme
  • 2 tsp. rubbed sage
  • 1 tsp. onion powder
  • 2 6-oz. pkg. vegetarian stuffing
  • ¼ to ½ cup low-sodium tamari or soy sauce
  • ¼ cup olive oil
  • ½ tsp. sesame oil

The night before:

1. Let 3 tubs of tofu come to room temperature. Squeeze tofu into small bits with your hands, mixing in thyme, sage and onion powder as you squeeze. This is fun. Good job for kids.

2. Wet cheesecloth, wring it out and smoothly line colander with it—no wrinkles. Dump in the crumbled tofu, and press it into sides and bottom of colander, making a bowl within a bowl. The “tofu bowl” should be about 1-inch thick and almost reach the top of the colander.

3. Hunt around, and find a bowl that will fit perfectly inside the tofu bowl. Gently press it into the colander. It will make an expressive sound. Dig through your pantry, and find something heavy (can of peaches?) to press the bowl into the tofu bowl to help tofu drain.

4. Tuck corners of cheesecloth over top of tofu to keep edges from drying out. Stand the colander/cheesecloth/tofu/bowl/weight construction in a dish to catch liquid. Refrigerate overnight.

The day of:

1. Preheat oven to 375°F.

2. Prepare stuffing according to package directions. Remove weight and bowl from colander. Fill tofu hollow with stuffing. Crumble remaining tofu, and use to cover stuffing, pressing flat to edges of colander.

3. Find a large oven-to-table baking dish. Place dish over colander. Hold tightly, invoke the spirit of good cooks, and invert colander so tofu-turkey drops gently onto dish. Peel off cheesecloth to reveal, uh, half a big, white basketball.

4. Combine tamari, olive oil and sesame oil in bowl, and baste tofu-turkey with brush. (Now it’s a big golden-brown basketball. Much better.) Bake 15 minutes. Baste again. Reduce oven to 350F, and bake 1 hour, basting as inspired.

5. To serve, cut once across the middle and then into slabs about 1 & 1/2-inches thick. The turkeys thank you!

November 2005

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This is the first holiday season meat free, so we are going to try this recipe this year. Thank you, Diana

Diana Levinson - 2015-11-13 19:25:51

Just wanted to let you know I shared this recipe on my blog ( Happy Thanksgiving!

Connie - 2015-11-13 01:52:48

I'm new to enjoying tofu, so still learning how to cook with it. We created a variation of this dish and learned a lot. Added minced onion (dried), parsely flakes, and vegetable broth to glaze. Completely forgot to buy cheeses cloth so moulding didn't work for us Instead we layered in baking dish: tofu stuffing,tofu. Learned I'm not crazy about thyme if prominent flavor; will be experimenting with alternative find more palatable. Approximate 3/4 inch top layer was perfectly golden with perfect tofu "skin" (?) with glaze seeping perfectly into the layer until just before stuffing began. Perfect! Had I been able to Mould it for glazing all over...AH, yum! I look forward to cheese cloth!!

J Paige Bracken - 2014-11-29 20:38:27

I am certain the turkeys also appreciate your keeping non-human animal well-being the focus of tofu "turkey" dinner, rather than supporting the organic-gluten free-no carb-whatever the latest marketing trend is, which focus so many people on ONLY THEIR health and well-being, while non-human beings are so widely viewed as less valuable or less important or existing solely for the purpose of bettering mankind. That one little sentence keeps it in perspective; it's not always about "YOU", people.

J Paige Bracken - 2014-11-29 01:31:36

I really love your last sentence ... Ending your recipe with, 'The turkeys thank you' puts tofu turkey back into perspective as a kind & humane alternative to the traditional factory-farmed and slaughtered turkey (dinner) the mass majority of Western civilization doesn't think twice about. The turkeys thank YOU!

J Paige Bracken - 2014-11-29 01:19:15

I just made this. Followed the recipe exactly. It's revolting. Mind you, I pretty much hate tofu and somehow thought this magically would not be warmed tofu, which is exactly what it is. It's bland and has that terrible sponge like texture which drives my Asperger sensitivity through the roof. I was recently diagnosed with Celiac's disease and thought this might be a substitute for the vital wheat gluten seitan I miss so much. It is horrific in comparison. At least my kids like tofu "eggs", so I will slice this up, coat it with organic corn, and fry it for breakfasts so it doesn't get wasted. I'm disappointed I wasted the time and organic tofu to make this disaster. Sorry but no thank you.

Baubau - 2014-07-03 22:24:44

Carolyn made this last night for us... oh my goodness was it delish! She basted it often while cooking...the yummy goodness that the basting created at the bottom was wonderful. She also added garlic to the basting liquid. We came up with all kinds of wonderful variations as we enjoyed this amazing dish ! Thanks Susan Fekety... love you! Thanks Sally for sharing it with us !

Shari - 2013-11-17 16:29:44

I have been making this recipe for the last seven years and it has been a great hit for my vegetarian friends and family. Then again I have a nice vegetarian stuffing I make for the turkey and the tofu. One year we made the stuffing put in in a baking dish and topped it with the tofu mixture, it worked just as well.

dace - 2011-04-20 12:27:23

I had high hopes for this, but it was really just tofu that tasted like stuffing - I guess I was expecting the consistency to be different after the squeezing/colander/baking, but it was still that spongy tofu-texture. The flavor wasn't bad, but we didn't think the end result was worth the process...

Susan - 2010-11-29 09:22:59

this sounds fantastic! photo?

jess - 2010-11-10 19:58:17

What size colander? - 2010-11-10 16:31:22

Trying this for our first veg. Thanksgiving. Can't wait to try it!

Allison - 2010-11-06 22:01:11

I made this on Thanskgiving, and it was seriously so good. Even my omni guest liked it. I can't wait to make it again for Christmas.

Brook - 2009-12-12 13:38:45

Thank you Susan and Sally! I am so happy to have this recipe, and I am sure I will use it for years to come! It sounds a little more complicated than it is to make (quite easy!). All I needed to buy was cheesecloth. It turned out better than anything I could buy in a store. Also, I was able to make it wheat free by using wheat free tamari and using a gluten free stuffing.

Crystal - 2009-12-01 09:11:02