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Vegetables Wellington

Thomas Carrig of Johnson & Wales University in Providence, R.I., stumbled upon this creation while trying to make the perfect beef Wellington—without beef. “A creative cook can prepare it with different fillings,” he says.



Ingredient Line: 
1 Tbs. plus 1 tsp. olive oil, divided
Ingredient Line: 
1 lb. asparagus, cut into 1 ½-inch pieces
Ingredient Line: 
2 medium red bell peppers, cut into thin strips
Ingredient Line: 
1 medium onion, thinly sliced (1 ½ cups)
Ingredient Line: 
1 5-oz. pkg. baby spinach leaves
Ingredient Line: 
1 10-oz. log goat cheese
Ingredient Line: 
1 4-oz. jar prepared pesto sauce
Ingredient Line: 
1 large egg
Ingredient Line: 
1 17.3-oz. pkg. frozen puff pastry, thawed
Ingredient Line: 
1 16-oz. jar prepared tomato sauce


  1. Preheat oven to 425°F. Coat baking sheet with cooking spray. Heat 1 Tbs. oil over medium-high heat. Add asparagus, bell peppers, and onion, and sauté 5 to 10 minutes, or until vegetables begin to soften. Add spinach, remove from heat, and stir until spinach wilts. Cool.
  2. Combine goat cheese and pesto in bowl. Beat egg with 2 tsp. water in separate bowl.
  3. Lay 1 sheet puff pastry on well-floured work surface. Cut into 8 rectangles. Brush edges of rectangles with egg. Scoop 2 Tbs. sautéed vegetables into center of each rectangle, keeping edges clear. Top with pesto-cheese mixture. Cut remaining puff pastry sheet into 8 rectangles, and place on top of vegetables and cheese, stretching dough gently by hand to cover entire surface. Press edges firmly with fingers or fork to seal tightly. Place on prepared baking sheet, and brush tops with egg. Chill 10 minutes.
  4. Bake 25 minutes, or until pastry is golden brown. Meanwhile, heat tomato sauce in saucepan until warm.
  5. To serve: Spoon 1/4 cup tomato sauce onto plate and top with Wellington.

Nutrition Information: 

15 g
Total Fat: 
28.5 g
Saturated Fat: 
10.5 g
25 g
48 mg
657 mg
4 g
6 g
Serves 8

Comments on this Recipe

sarah- I use lemon juice in my pesto instead of cheese to make it vegan and parve. It works great! My question is how much ahead can you bake these?

That looks absolutely FABULOUS! Thank you. I might make my own tomato sauce, though, if I have time.

I've turned people vegetarian with this recipe! I've served it to family, friends, guests, and everyone has raved about it. It's easy to make and the flavors are to DIE for. The sauce is oddly complementary and not mismatched as I thought it might be. Terrific as is and one I wouldn't mess with!

The recipe is simple . I was making this dish again and again . Delicious !!! Thank you Vegetarian times !

Loved this! My husband (who's a total carnivore) still talks about it. It's pretty labor-intensive, but absolutely worth it.

LOVE! I like making it for holidays because it's not only delicious for everyone (my omni family loves it as well) but it looks pretty. I agree with thwarted that it's labor-intensive but worth it. For some reason, though, I always end up with way more filling than I can fit into the pastry.

This is so delicious. We can't make it often enough. This is one recipe that is totally worth the time and effort. It will please any omnivore!

I tried this recipe when you published it nearly two years ago, and it was absolutely to die for. My parents, for whom the concept of a meal w/o meat, is foreign concept LOVED this!

I also agree with everyone that it looks absolutely delectable...and I can't wait to try it! but I do have 1 question...why does the white part of the filling look like tuna or chicken..and is that supposed to be the goat does it look in person??? :0) Thanks JP

Absolutely delicious! Made it for dinner tonight and even my 15 month old ate every bite. It would be a great meal to entertain with because it is so pretty. Can't wait to have it again.

I'm surprised 3 people said this was labor intensive/took time, I didn't find it to be the case at all. I always end up with extra filling too, Anon. This is one of my favorite dishes of all time, made it for Valentines Day two years ago and my guy and I have been addicted ever since. The flavor combo is perfect (I omit the bell pepper and use less goat cheese, personal preference). @justperfect: That's goat cheese (it's creamy, not like a cheddar or jack. It's not as dry as say bleu cheese, but it crumbles similar). The goat cheese really adds a nice sweet flavor to this meal. Hope you like it!

I have made these several times over the last couple years and everyone absolutely loves them. I like to make ahead meals and tried to make up some of these to freeze and pull out later in a time pinch. Worked great! Just thaw a bit and I baked lower for longer to get the middle nice and warm. Yum!

I made these for the first time when the recipe was published. They immediately became a family favorite. We have made them ahead and taken them on vacation with us (frozen) and they are repeatedly asked for for birthday dinners. I'm making them again today for my mom! We have done several variations and found that you can use feta in lieu of goat cheese to mix up the flavor a bit and that the veggies are totally interchangeable. A great recipe tor playing with flavors - although my personal favorite is just as it's printed. I have made quiche with the leftover veggie filling to great success.

I've been trying really hard to find a vegetarian pesto sauce for ages - can anyone tell me where this can be found? All the pesto I have seen in the shops has non-vegetarian cheese in it :(

Sarah, In case you come back this way sometime: my go-to pesto is a vegan pesto by Amore. It comes in a tube. It's available at most grocery stores around my home (and it's available on Amazon as well: In the grocery store I find it right next to their tomato paste, usually by the pasta sauces. It's shelf-stable until opened. I do remember what "real" pesto is like, and I don't miss the parmesan. You should give it a try - it certainly beats trying to find a true vegetarian pesto at the store. :)

... I haven't tried this recipe yet, but if using the Amore brand, I suppose it may need to be thinned out a little, since it's technically a paste.

This was good but we didn't LOVE it like everyone else seemed too. We used a 6 oz container of goat cheese and thank god, I can't imagine having 4 more ounces in there! I couldn't really taste the asparagus and didn't think it added much, so next time I'll swap them out for mushrooms to compliment the bell pepper better. We used a homemade marinara sauce but next time I think we'll try something more savory like a typical Wellington Madeira wine sauce. Lastly, this made TONS of filling, next time I'll probably half the recipe unless I have a specific use for the extra (will prob do a Quinoa salad this time to use it all up!)

I've made this recipe quite a few times over the last couple of years and everyone in may family loves it. It does make a little more elegant dish, so nice for dinner parties also. The only two changes I've made is to make four larger pieces instead of eight. Makes it a little less work and each person is eating the same portion. I also make some with goat cheese (my favorite because of the tangy flavor) and some with cream cheese (my daughter's favorite). Other than that, I make it as written.

When you make this ahead and freeze it, do you cook it at all before freezing or just assemble it and cook it from frozen?