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Low-Calorie Soups & Stews

Want to curl up with a bowl of soup or a filling stew? Any one of these great recipes will do the trick.

Vegetarian Pho

The national dish of Vietnam, pho is an aromatic noodle soup that’s traditionally made with beef broth. Here, store-bought vegetable broth is spiked with onion, garlic, and spices for a full-bodied vegetarian alternative.

Smoky Ribollita with Orca Beans

The black-and-white colors of Orca beans have clearly been an inspiration to cooks and gardeners. In addition to the whale-reference name, the legumes are also called vaquero (which means cowboy in Spanish) and calypso beans. Creamy and starchy, Orca beans work well in hearty soups and stews. (If you can’t find Orcas, you can use cranberry beans as a substitute.)

Carrot Gazpacho with Chopped Salad

The play of textures from carrot juice, carrots, and a tomato-and-cucumber topping give this chilled soup extra elegance. Gazpacho seems a natural choice for lunch or dinner, but how about serving it at your next brunch?