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Low-Fat Southern

Cheese Grits and Greens

Grits aren’t just for Southern breakfasts. Add cheddar cheese and lots of garlic, spoon over hot greens, and you have a substantial meal. Wrap it up with a wedge of fruit tart.

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Southern-Style Greens with Polenta Croutons

In the South, hearty greens are cooked low and slow in a lot of water to make a rich-tasting broth. Here, we’ve added beans and crisp polenta cubes (a ready-made stand-in for grits) for a comfort-food dish with a modern twist.

vegetarian times recipe

Cajun-Style Chipotle Jambalaya

Under the spell of New Orleans’ romance, Jamie Ritchey created this recipe to replicate the tastes and smells of traditional Big Easy dishes using liquid smoke and chipotle Tabasco.