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These drinks satisfy thirst with light, delightful flavors.

Blueberry-Spinach Smoothie

Ramp up your vitamin and mineral intake with only 28 calories when you add baby spinach to this lightly sweet fruit smoothie.

Blueberry-Beet Smoothie

The night before you start the cleanse, prepare two beets: Wrap each beet in foil, and roast in a 400°F oven 1 hour, or until tender. Remove from oven. As soon as beets are cool enough to handle, remove foil, slip off and discard skin, and slice beets in half. Stash beets in the refrigerator for smoothies throughout the cleanse (you’ll have enough beets for three breakfasts and one snack smoothie).

Dirty Blonde Cocktail

Dirty Blonde Cocktail

Beer cocktails like this simple concoction offer a light, refreshing alternative to mixed drinks. Non-alcoholic option: Omit vodka and substitute non-alcoholic beer or seltzer water for the blonde ale.

White Peach Moscow Mule

This simple summer spin on a classic favorite is light and refreshing. Try blending in 1/4 cup fresh mint leaves
with the peaches for another layer of flavor.

Spiced Pomegranate Royales

For a romantic alternative to the mimosa, try this twist on a kir royale (a cocktail made with crème de cassis and sparkling wine). You can also switch out the cinnamon for star anise to make a more exotic cocktail.

Chard, Lime, and Mint Smoothies

Tender Swiss chard breaks down easily in a regular blender for smoothies that need no straining. Since red chard veins can bleed color, choose green chard to keep the verdant hue. Reserve chard stems for another use.

Orange Wassail

Orange Wassail

Wassail is a hot mulled punch traditionally made with cider or ale and wine. This version calls for orange juice instead of cider or ale, but is no less festive.

Big Apple Punch

Big Apple Punch

Lightly sweet hard cider makes a festive addition to cocktails like this autumn-inspired sparkler. To make a non-alcoholic version, omit the brandy and substitute seltzer water for the hard cider.

Kefir "Orange Julius"

Kefir 'Orange Julius'

Inspired by the mall stand beverage made with orange juice, milk, and vanilla, this drink is thick and satisfying.