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Yes, you can make your own condiments — they're surprisingly easy!
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Black-Eyed Pea Dip

When everyone at a potluck party began eating this Indian snack like a dip, Gadia started serving it that way all the time. Try it with chips or fresh veggies.

vegetarian times recipe


Rajas are often served as a side dish or as a condiment for soups and stews, but they’re also delicious over tostadas, nachos, and chilaquiles.

vegetarian times recipe

Roasted Poblano Vinaigrette

Smoky, tangy, and a little bit sweet, this dressing has it all. Try it over crisp greens topped with Rajas, pepitas, goat cheese, and orange sections.

vegetarian times recipe

Asian Toasted Sesame and Chile Dipping Sauce

This Korean-inspired recipe calls for nama shoyu, a raw soy sauce, but you can substitute tamari or regular soy sauce. Toasted sesame oil and sesame seeds give the dip more flavor, but raw versions will also work.

vegetarian times recipe

Spicy Cheddar Dip

Serve this cheesy, creamy dip with freshly sliced apples and your favorite crackers. Or try it in a sandwich with thinly sliced apples and whole-grain bread.

vegetarian times recipe


This easy-to-assemble Middle Eastern mix of dried herbs is often sprinkled over hummus. Try it as a pizza seasoning, a garnish for soft goat cheese, or a bread dip (dip the bread in olive oil, then in the Za’atar).

vegetarian times recipe

Classic Hummus

Lightly flavored with tahini, this basic hummus is creamy-smooth. For a more full-bodied flavor, increase the tahini by up to 2 cups. Stir the tahini well right before measuring—it separates when it sits.

vegetarian times recipe

Basic Béchamel (White) Sauce

A classic French recipe, this creamy sauce thickened with a roux can be used as a base for many other sauces as well as in casseroles and soufflés.

vegetarian times recipe

Quick Pizza Sauce

To avoid possible exposure to gluten from prepared tomato sauces, whip up this easy version that can be made with ingredients you probably have in your pantry.

vegetarian times recipe

Goji Olive Spread

Dhruv Chandra, of Toronto, was inspired by the recipes in VT to start trying out his own. Now every Sunday night is his time to shine and create new recipes for his wife, Surabhi. This one is a winner.