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What's for dinner? Solve the dilemma with one of these flavor-filled main meal dishes.
Artichoke and Herbed Goat Cheese Quiche

Artichoke and Herbed Goat Cheese Quiche

The blended goat cheese filling for this quiche turns light and soufflé-like when baked. If you’re not an artichoke lover, feel free to use other cooked vegetables.

Mushroom Lovers’ Pie

Forget casseroles! Condensed cream of mushroom soup gets an elegant makeover in this easy-to-assemble pie. If you’re looking to get ahead and save money, buy sliced and boxed mushrooms when they go on sale; then make the filling, freeze it, and whip up the quiche when you’re ready.


Sautéed leeks star in this traditional tart from the Picardy region in northern France.

Spinach and Sun-Dried Tomato Pie

Similar to spanakopita, this pie gets its creamy texture from tofu, not cheese and eggs. Be sure to use a sharp knife to cut the pie so that the crisp, delicate phyllo crust doesn’t crumble and lose its shape.

Butternut Squash Tarte Tatin

The gorgeous look of this pie comes from baking it upside down with the roasted squash on the bottom and the crust on top, then flipping it over to serve. It is seasoned with za’atar, a Middle Eastern spice mixture made with sesame seeds and ground dried thyme and sumac. If you can’t find za’atar, you can sprinkle the squash with dried thyme and sesame seeds.

Cheddar–Butternut Squash Gratin

Made with squash, leeks, onions, and a little cheese, this simple dish masquerades as complex and rich. Any winter squash will work in this recipe, as will pumpkin.

Flageolet and Lemony Celery Tartines

Creamy and mild, French flageolet beans are favored for slow-cooked dishes such as cassoulets and stews, because the beans keep their shape but still have a meltingly smooth texture.

Fork-and-Knife Roasted Vegetables

Winter squash, cauliflower, mushrooms, and Brussels sprouts make a colorful roasted vegetable assortment that’s enhanced with a little sweetness and spice.

Herbed Millet-Stuffed Mushrooms

For an hors d’oeuvre version of this dish, stuff button mushrooms with a spoonful of the millet filling, and bake 10 minutes. In addition to saucepan cooking directions, we’re including instructions for cooking millet in a rice cooker, which yields soft, fluffy results.