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Pasta - whole-wheat, spinach, and many other varieties - combine perfectly with vegetables, sauces and beans for healthy, tasty and easy-to-make dinners.
Pasta Alla Norma

Pasta Alla Norma

This is a simplified version of a classic Sicilian recipe. Ricotta salata is a sheep’s milk cheese that’s used in Sicilian pasta dishes the way Parmigiano-Reggiano is used elsewhere in Italy. If you can’t find ricotta salata, substitute crumbled or diced feta cheese. Mezzi rigatoni is a half-length version of traditional rigatoni.

Fusillini Col Buco With Braised Spring Vegetables

Fusilli Col Buco with Braised Spring Vegetables

This dish is worth a trip to a gourmet shop or Italian market to find an out-of-the-ordinary pasta such as fusilli col buco. Liquid served from braising vegetables makes a light, brothy sauce for the noodles. If you prefer your pasta on the drier side, don’t add all the braising liquid when stirring the vegetables into the pasta.