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Pasta - whole-wheat, spinach, and many other varieties - combine perfectly with vegetables, sauces and beans for healthy, tasty and easy-to-make dinners.
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Pasta with Spinach, Chickpeas and Feta

30 minutes or fewer     
This quick and easy pasta dish offers a way to add not only calcium to your diet, but also protein and vitamins A and C.    

vegetarian times recipe

Pasta with Garlicky White Beans and Swiss Chard

Comfy and satisfying, this recipe is a hit at my home. I like to serve it in wide, shallow soup bowls so we get all the delicious cooking broth. If you prefer a dish that is less juicy, drain more of the liquid off the beans. A pair of kitchen shears makes cutting the chard quick and easy. You can also substitute fresh spinach for the chard.

vegetarian times recipe

Nutty Noodles

Refrigerate any leftovers. To make the mixture creamy again, add a spoonful or two of boiling water, and toss.

vegetarian times recipe

Primavera Salad

This luncheon salad celebrates spring’s imminent arrival with a splash of early-season ingredients such as fresh strawberries. Use already cooked eggs, or hard-boil and cool eggs as you ready the salad. Serve this with hot fruit muffins, chilled spicy tea and yogurt with fresh fruit.

vegetarian times recipe

Goat Cheese and Porcini Ravioli

Making ravioli with purchased wonton wrappers is a cross-cultural miracle and saves the effort of hand-making whole sheets of fresh pasta dough. Using a biscuit cutter, cut the ravioli into decorative scalloped rounds, or leave them in their original square shape. Alternatively, you may use one wonton wrapper per ravioli and fold edges over the wrapper, making triangles—though you will have leftover wrappers. If you cannot find fresh porcini mushrooms, substitute its cremini cousins. Serve ravioli with a garden-fresh green salad.

vegetarian times recipe

Sautéed Mixed Vegetables With Pasta, Pitta-style

You can vary this recipe by using any number of seasonal vegetables, including cauliflower, green beans, peas, zucchini or yellow squash—even cucumber. In place of the Parmesan cheese, stir in 8 ounces of chèvre, or soft goat cheese, before adding basil and seasoning to taste. Use any one of the spiral- or shell-shaped pastas in place of the angel hair.

vegetarian times recipe

Pasta with Greens

To make this ahead, wash and cook the greens a few hours earlier. The cottage cheese mixture will keep for 3 days in the refrigerator.MEAL PLAN: Serve with store-bought garlic bread.

vegetarian times recipe

Pasta with Creamy Spinach Sauce

This simple pasta dish has a mild and comforting flavor, with or without the garlic. MEAL PLAN: Serve with a cherry tomato, cucumber and bell pepper salad tossed with a balsamic vinaigrette.