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Tired of the same old lunch? Make one of these hearty, flavor-filled sandwiches today!
vegetarian times recipe

Monte Cristo Sandwiches

These oven-fried sandwiches skip the bread and use tofu instead. To make them gluten free, replace the breadcrumbs with finely chopped pecans or almonds.

vegetarian times recipe

White Bean and Watercress Tartines

A classic Italian combo—white beans, roasted peppers, and watercress—gets the tartine treatment here. If the bean purée seems too thick to spread, add a couple of tablespoons of water to thin it out when blending.

vegetarian times recipe

Greek-Style Panini

A couple of cans placed in a saucepan are enough to weigh down these crispy sandwiches as they cook. Or use a countertop grill—a modern must-have for student apartment kitchens.