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Sides & Salads

Round out your meal with just the right side dish or salad.

Classic Bread Stuffing

Sometimes, simpler is better. This basic stuffing will soak up all the delicious sauces and juices of the other foods on your Thanksgiving table. You can jazz up the recipe with 1/2 cup of add-ins, such as chestnuts, chopped nuts, or dried fruit.

Mini Cheddar Popovers

Popovers are the American version of British Yorkshire puddings. Melted Cheddar and a hint of spice make these old-fashioned puffs irresistible, hot or cold. 

Henne Garden Salad

Showing that smoking isn’t just for meat and fish, Paul Cunningham’s signature salad pairs seasonal vegetables with smoky onions.

Shaved Brussels Sprouts and Strawberry Salad

Sarah Malikowski first got the idea for this salad from a restaurant menu that featured raw Brussels sprouts. “I have been serving this salad as a side for dinner as well as a main dish for lunch at work. It would be great for a picnic, but looks pretty enough to serve at a fancy dinner,” she says.

Roasted Confetti Corn

When cooked in a dry skillet, fresh corn kernels take on a rich brown color and roasted flavor.