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Potato and Egg Cocottes

Potato and Egg Cocottes

Oeufs cocotte (baked eggs in ramekins) are a comfort-food favorite in France. Here, we’ve improved on the idea by adding a bed of potatoes and mushrooms that turns the homey dish into a hearty meal.


Sautéed leeks star in this traditional tart from the Picardy region in northern France.

Flageolet and Lemony Celery Tartines

Creamy and mild, French flageolet beans are favored for slow-cooked dishes such as cassoulets and stews, because the beans keep their shape but still have a meltingly smooth texture.

Socca Niçoise

Chef Julie Bavant of Hobbes plays with contrasting temperatures and textures to turn a simple chickpea pancake from the South of France into a light, healthful meal.

Provençal Tartlets

Provençal Tartlets

Almost any fresh herb will taste great in place of the thyme and oregano in 
this recipe, but don’t use rosemary—it’s too strong.

Brunch-Worthy Scrambled Eggs

Brunch-Worthy Scrambled Eggs

Seasoned scrambled eggs are topped with flash-roasted clusters of cocktail tomatoes for a dish that’s elegant enough for brunch.

Herbes De Provence

Herbes de Provence

The most common herbs used in Provençal cooking are mixed together in dried form to make herbes de Provence, a summer grilling favorite throughout France. The mixture often contains lavender, but we’ve omitted it because some find the floral overtones off-putting.

Flourless Chocolate Cake With Strawberry Coulis

Flourless Chocolate Cake with Strawberry Coulis

Similar to a chocolate soufflé, this cake will rise, then fall slightly when cooled, leaving a cracked top. A fresh strawberry sauce balances the richness of the chocolate. The cake can be made up to two days in advance. For perfect, clean-cut cake wedges, dip the knife in hot water before cutting each slice.

Carrot-Ricotta Quiche

With phyllo dough on hand, a homemade quiche crust takes only a few minutes to assemble—no rolling pin necessary! It’s also much lower in fat and calories than a traditional quiche crust.

Endive Gratin

Endive Gratin

This cheesy casserole is a family favorite in France. Serve with slices of baguette or another crusty bread and a green salad.

Lemon-Almond Souffles

Lemon-Almond Soufflés

There’s nothing intimidating about these zesty soufflés, just be sure to grease the sides of the ramekins up to the rim so they’ll rise fully in the oven.