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Orange slices, segment, and pulpy pieces can brighten just about any recipe, from savory sauces to desserts.

Orange Sunflower Slaw

Don’t be fooled by the name. This delightful blend of orange, ginger, mint, and fresh vegetables is so much more than a cabbage-y side salad.

Tortas De Aciete

Tortas de Aceite

These crisp, slightly sweet yeast biscuits are popular in southern Spain as a snack or for breakfast or tea.



This bracing Swedish punch gets its kick from aquavit, a potent, potato-based liquor. The wine must steep with the spices for at least 12 hours before drinking, so begin your glögg a day ahead.

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Spinach, Blood Orange and Macadamia Nut Salad

Here's a Florida remake of a classic spinach salad. Blood oranges look like juice oranges only smaller. Many have darkish red patches on the outside. If blood oranges are unavailable, this salad can be prepared with regular oranges. For best results, use fresh baby spinach instead of cellophane-packed, and, if possible, grill or roast the corn.

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Pacific Rim Cake

This moist, tender Bundt cake, rich with the flavors of the Pacific Rim nations, needs only a thin icing drizzled on top. This cake keeps well if wrapped in plastic and actually has more flavor the second day.