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vegetarian times recipe

Orzo, Cherry Tomato, and Mozzarella Salad

This light, bright pasta salad is ideal for party buffets because the small orzo pasta is easy to eat with a fork or spoon. Feel free to add your favorite cheeses and veggies; just be sure to cut them small so that they blend in with the pasta.


Fresh Herb Potato Rösti

If you like hash browns, you’ll love this easy hors d’oeuvre from Austria that is nothing more than grated potatoes and fresh herbs fried in a little olive oil. Serve in wedges (as shown), or cut into small squares for bite-size nibbles. If you’re making rösti for a crowd, prepare the potato cakes ahead of time, then reheat them in the skillet before serving.

vegetarian times recipe

Chickpea Salad with Curried Yogurt Dressing

Ready in minutes, this lunch salad can be dressed up with a little cranberry sauce or chutney to give it some holiday flavor. Serve over a bed of greens, in lettuce wraps, or in a pita or sprouted-bread sandwich. The dressing works well on other sandwiches too, so you might want to double the recipe to have some on hand.

Herbed Millet-Stuffed Mushrooms

For an hors d’oeuvre version of this dish, stuff button mushrooms with a spoonful of the millet filling, and bake 10 minutes. In addition to saucepan cooking directions, we’re including instructions for cooking millet in a rice cooker, which yields soft, fluffy results.