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Tofu is a versatile, high-protein food made from soybeans. With its neutral flavor, tofu is the perfect base for highlighting a variety of flavors to foods.

Cajun Risotto

Cajun Risotto

Soy chorizo brings the flavors of andouille, while okra adds a touch of the South to this hybrid of risotto and jambalaya.

Spinach and Sun-Dried Tomato Pie

Similar to spanakopita, this pie gets its creamy texture from tofu, not cheese and eggs. Be sure to use a sharp knife to cut the pie so that the crisp, delicate phyllo crust doesn’t crumble and lose its shape.

vegetarian times recipe

Rich Chocolate Mousse

As a last-minute option, this all-purpose chocolate dessert can’t be beat. The mousse is ready to eat in about 10 minutes, and no one will guess it’s made with tofu.

vegetarian times recipe

Mexican Chocolate Crème Caramels

Cayenne pepper and chili powder spice up creamy custards that hit the spot when the weather turns chilly. You can omit the light corn syrup, but it helps keep the sugar
from crystallizing before it turns to caramel.

Chimichurri Tofu Skewers

The chimichurri sauce here gets a little extra kick from jalapeño-infused oil, which also serves as the marinade for the tofu.

vegetarian times recipe

Matcha-Melon Smoothie

Skip the morning coffee, and start your day with a melon-and-matcha-powered smoothie. The caffeine in the antioxidant-packed green tea powder won’t give you the jitters the way coffee can.

vegetarian times recipe

Pan-Fried Pakoras

Made with garbanzo bean flour, crispy vegetable pakoras are popular appetizers on Indian-takeout menus

Two-Sprout Pad Thai

Brussels sprouts, bean sprouts, green onions, and cilantro add a boost of alkalizing goodness to this favorite Thai dish to help balance out the acid-forming potential of the noodles.