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Veg Cooking Tip # 1: Steam greens as you cook grains.

Learn how to make seitan (wheat meat) from Ann Gentry, founder of Real Food Daily restaurants in Los Angeles.

Derived from the French “vinaigre” (meaning aged wine), vinegar is a staple in most pantries worldwide. With dozens of varieties readily available, you can use your favorite type to elevate nearly any meal - by creating marinades, emulsifying vinaigrettes, seasoning dishes to brighten flavors, or even making reductions.

Pasta is a staple of many households all over the world and has been for decades. It is loved for its versatility, ease of cooking, and long shelf life. But, the days of one-size-fits-all pasta are long gone. As anyone who has walked through the supermarket pasta aisle in the recent years knows, there are many brands, styles and shapes now available, and they all have slightly differing flavors and textures.


Watch this video to learn how to peel and cut a mango like a pro. Practice this chef's trick by making our Brazilian Black Bean Stew. No time to shop? Get the ingredients for this recipe delivered right to your kitchen from Chef'd!



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