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Learn how to make the most of vegetarian ingredients, plus check out our helpful cooking tips and suggestions for kitchen tool essentials.

Planning a summer camping trip or picnic at the beach? Pack one of these portable grills for flame-kissed veggie burgers and skewers wherever you roam. (P.S.: They’re great for small patios too.)


Got more kale than you can handle? Enough chili to feed an army? Fear not! You can save just about anything if you freeze it for later. The trickier part: not neglecting what you’ve frozen. (Icicle-flecked mystery soup in the back of the freezer, we’re looking at you.)


The cast-iron skillet is a true kitchen champ: it retains heat longer than steel, lasts forever, and gets more non-stick the more you use it. For a pretty presentation, take it straight from stove or oven to table.


Roasted vegetable recipes are all over the dial when it comes to oven temperatures. Some stick to a conservative 350°F and call for about an hour of cooking time. Others play around with 25°F increments. To keep things simple, try setting your oven to a rollicking 450°F so vegetables brown beautifully and achieve rich roasted flavor in a jiffy. Here are a few more simple steps to roasting success:

1. Preheat properly. Give your oven 20 minutes or more to reach a full 450°F.


Want to really impress your honey on Valentine's Day? Whip up a batch of chocolate-dipped delights. Here are a few expert tips to ensure success:


Eating vegan or vegetarian doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. As the resident cheapskate here at VT HQ, I've picked up a few habits over the years that have saved me bundles at the supermarket. Here are my wallet-friendly favorites:


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